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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Babe in the City - KL is Nine This Year!!!

blog anni

On Sunday, as I was staring at the date on the top right corner of my screen... hmmmmm July hmmmmm other than our wedding anniversary, there was another one but what it was? Upon checking the blog, true enough it's the blog's NINE anniversary. Omigosh, 9!!!! How did the time went? How on earth that I'm still blogging away? Ok I know, I'm one day late hahaha cos I was out the whole day since morning and no chance to sit down to turn on my lappie. Well at least I'm not one week late like last year :p

When I told Capt'n Hook about this, he replied rather cynically "Wow lasted so long arhhhh!?!". I would have never imagined it could last me this long. Pretty mind boggling I would say especially when we're known as the pioneer food blog in Malaysia. I guess the amount of support and readership do play some part to keep us going. Quite amazing to know that many out there still read blogs when attention span these days pointed to shorter reads (twitter: babe_kl) and eye catching plus mouth watering food photos (instagram: babe_kl). Then there's the interactive mode of being on Facebook.

It's one of the main reason why at times I write a post even at one in the morning like now, just to tell the world that I'm still here ;-)

So to another year of blogging... many cheers and thank you for all the support! May there be many more years of great tasting food serving your way from Babe in the City - KL!