Monday, 29 July 2013

Ramadhan Recipe 4: Zespri Kiwifruit With Sweet & Sour Fish

BoiBoi dislikes sour fruits, hence he won't even touch green kiwifruits with a ten feet pole! Because of this, he wouldn't even eat the Zespri Gold, well until recently... when I sort of force made him try some, otherwise he would have thought it's sour as well. I managed to have him to like the latest variety of Zespri Sun Gold heh... victory for the mommy! Loved his description "it's sweet with a teeny hint of sourness".

Since I know Zespri green kiwifruits have loads more Vitamin C than his fave orange, I have been devising plans to make him have his dose of kiwifruits. So far the easiest was to make iced lollies or smoothie or even "ice cream". For ice cream, I would freeze some sliced bananas, kiwifruits, pineapple etc. Leave it to thaw for about 3 - 5 minutes, then I blend them with a hand blender. If the concoction contains banana, it will turn out to be a creamy and fruity and creamy "ice cream". Without banana, it will become something like sorbet. I usually serve to him straight after blending and I would usually make more so that I can spoon the excess into ice lolly moulds and freeze them. A lot of times, I will stuff in some kiwifruits chunks. Both works fine for me. With the inclusion of other fruits, BoiBoi get to have his dose of green kiwifruits in such ways :D

Background: papaya, pineapple & yoghurt
Foreground: green kiwifruit, apples and chunks of kiwifruits & cherries

This kid of mine expects to have dessert after his meals, my father would just gave him fruits but whenever we're out, he will have his share of desserts of ice cream, cakes or whatever strikes his fancy in the menu. Since he's already on his growth spurt stage, I try to make him eat healthy. So the other way to make him eat fruits that he dislikes is to make a fruit salads hehehehe, yup evil mommy I am! I would just diced the fruits up and serve just like that or days when I have yoghurt, I will top up with a few spoonfuls of yoghurt and sprinkle with homemade granola. This way he will down all the fruits he disliked such as plums, green apples and pineapples.

The other thing is, he doesn't like fish except when the fish comes in the form of sweet and sour fish *roll eyes*. He can have that everyday and won't get fed up. So having Zespri Green Kiwifruits to be serve in a sweet and sour fish manner will do me lots of good. I think having kiwifruits pieces in this dish sort of like elevated it to the next level. Other than being a simple dish for breaking of fast with the family, it can be serve as a fancy dish to guests ;-) What say you?

sweet & sour
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