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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Have A Lovely Valentine's Day

VD Greetings 2012

Capt'n Hook and I are not the lovey dovey romantic kind, hence you hardly find posts on romantic dinners nor much on fine dining places. I guess it just doesn't really matter as long as one get to spends time with each other round the clock and not just on today but always.

Wishing everyone a lovely Valentine's Day!


Wilson Ng said...

happy valentine's to u too!


ping said...

Haha! Same here! Getting too old for all the mushy stuff :) Have a happy day!

Michelle Chin said...

Happy Valentine's to you too!

The Yum List said...

Agreed. Meals tend to be so overpriced on these "special" or should I say "commercial" days. Valentine's Day should be everyday with your loved one. :-)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Happy Valentine's to you too! My hubby and I are also not the lovey dovey type. :D