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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Deep Fried Nam Yue Chicken Wings on

Deep Fried Nam Yue Chicken Wings

My mother is a Hakka descendant, so is my husband. Since young I’ve been fed with all sorts of delicious food cooked by my maternal grandmother ranging from salted chicken, braised pork belly with black fungus, braised duck in soy bean paste sauce, braised pork belly with yam or sometimes preserved mustard cabbage, and deep fried pork belly. I guess now I know why how I got to become a foodie and grew up being a chubby little girl.

At that time I’ve no idea they are Hakka food in particular but as I grew up, I have learnt the various cooking style and dishes from various Chinese clans. My grandmother has long gone and my mother had sort of retired from cooking labourious dishes. It is also not helping that the hubby reminisces and described the dishes his late father conjured for them. Looks like I have no choice but to slowly learn up some Hakka dishes as the craving for such dishes with the authentic taste as how I remember them is getting strong.

The family used to frequent a restaurant that serves this crispy and salty deep fried chicken wings but sadly this restaurant has closed down. So the better bet now is to make them myself! I’ve asked my mother how to make them, sighhhh just like a typical Chinese housewife, all she could contribute was a little this and a pinch of that. I know I cook like that too but somehow there must be a formula to get things right in the kitchen and to pass on the recipes so that the legacy can carry on.

So here I am, sharing my Deep Fried Nam Yue Chicken Wings recipe on, tried and tested, with the feedback from the husband that they are tasty with the right amount of seasonings. On it’s own, red fermented beancurd (nam yue) can smell and taste rather off-putting but with the right combination of ingredients, it can turn dishes out beautifully.


Little Corner of Mine said...

It sure looks very delicious and crispy!

choi yen said...

Who can resist fried chicken wings? Definitely not me!

Sean said...

Ooo, our ancestors could have been next-door neighbors, since my dad's side is Hakka too. But I spent most of my life ignorant about Hakka food, not sure why. No memories of Hakka cooking at home, but I'd definitely like to bite into some nam yue chicken wings whenever possible =)