Friday, 10 February 2012

Review: Tiger Jit Singh Chapati @ Jalan San Peng

**Pork Free**

With the Chinese New Year celebration all over... I guess we're a bit overwhelmed with the amount of Chinese food we have been feasting. How about going for some Indian food instead?

I've been coming to Tiger Jit Singh Chapati for more than 15 years ever since my colleague brought me here. We loved the fact the chapatis (wholemeal flat bread) are made on the spot but over the years due to high amount of patrons, the Indonesian helpers made them in batches and kept them warm inside a plastic warmer. However, they'll cater to your request for freshly made ones IF they're free to make them sighhhh...

Chapati is made out of atta flour (a type of wholemeal flour) mixed with water to form into a dough. The dough is kneaded until it's firm and a bit like elastic before resting it for a while. A small amount of dough is pinch off, shaped into a ball and roll out into a flat disc with a rolling pin. In between, atta flour is dusted to prevent sticking. The chapati disc is placed on a hot skillet without any oil, hence chapati would be a healthier alternative to roti canai. The chapati disc will slowly puff up and a muslin cloth bag filled with flour will be used to flatten the disc down. Once the disc is filled with brownish spots, it's cooked!


My apologies for the name of dishes as I'm not so familiar with Sikh's dishes, my Sikh friend cannot help me too! He's really hopeless even when his mom made him these dishes everyday! *roll eyes*

We have this thickish chicken curry which has strong spices flavours but not that hot. Nice to go with the chapati.

chicken curry

This mutton curry is da bomb here! They just have a way to kill of the gamey smell of mutton here with the use of spices. The meat is fork tender which helps a lot when savouring them with my fingers. The vegetables dhal (shown in the background below) is my utmost favourite as I prefer my dhal thick and filled with big pieces of vegetables and chickpeas.

mutton curry & dhal

Since we were there past lunch time, not much vegetable choices so I picked these sambal stuffed baby bitter gourd. They look fiery, don't they? Actually the sambal stuffing is not as hot as it look and usually baby bitter gourd can be pretty bitter but not these though. We were also served a plate of mung beans dhal (with skin, as seen at the background below) which tasted totally different from a normal dhal. Perhaps dhal might not even be a correct name for it. So sorry, next time if I bump into Uncle Tiger Jit, I'll ask him for the proper names.

stuffed bitter gourd

We both have a glass of mango lassi each which washed down our hot and spicy meal pretty well. I can't remember how much is a glass but it's not super cheap at around RM5 or so. Worth the money though as the mango flavour is fresh and strong, plus plus point - the lassi is thick!

To locate this place, look for Telecom Malaysia exchange building. Opposite this building has a row of hawker stalls. They do not have signages but you can look out for Tiger Jit Chapati scribbled on paint on one part of the stall. Parking can be quite horrendous here during lunch hour, so be warned.

If you're interested to make your own chapati and vegetables dhal, check the recipes here.

Tiger Jit Singh Chapati
Jalan San Peng
Kuala Lumpur
Closed on Sundays


  1. i didnt even know that chapati is from atta flour.

    One of the masterchef contestants is into selling atta flour which is available at the supermarket, maybe I should buy some and consider making them!

  2. Hehe. I think i should attempt making dhal again. :D

  3. i love my dhal ultra-thick too! i could just spend the entire meal eating dhal, really :D

  4. Oooh, I've been looking for good Punjabi food all over. Do you have a map link for this place? Thanks!

  5. Joe, atta flour is durum wheat flour

    Michelle, good luck :D

    Sean, shhhhh... I "drink" my dhal like soup hahaha

    Ping, hmmm I've actually use the "Location" but not sure what happened. Try this,101.711125&spn=0.001511,0.002411

  6. Yes, agree on the point on making them fresh on the spot. There's no denying the difference. There are two stalls in Ipoh that are good; one being a Punjab origin, while the other a rather famous one that's more like a mamak eatery.


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