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Ah Yee Curry Mee @ Kepong Baru


One of our friend posted a photo of a plate of delicious looking curry chee cheung fun (flat rice noodles) not long ago and we asked him where that plate of chee cheung fun came from. He then described to us and since I'm familiar with Kepong Baru, it's quite easy for us to locate this Ah Yee Curry Mee. You can access this row of hawkers either on Jalan Kepong Baru (the main road) or Jalan Ambong Kiri 1. It's just next to Hoo Yee Kee Prawn Noodles. It's the same row as KTZ and Onn Kee Roast Duck just that Ah Yee Curry Mee is on the other side after the traffic light (coming from Kepong Baru side towards exit to Jalan Kepong).

Look for this signage... it's rather big facing the main road but there's a smaller one on Jalan Ambong Kiri 1 where parking is ample.

Ah Yee Curry Mee Signage

The place seems airy and bright, maybe because we were there very early before 8am hence the lights were all still switched on. Quite clean for hawker stalls standard. On the white board, there's a long list of offerings here ranging from chee cheung fun, curry noodles, prawn noodles, yong tau foo (stuffed beancurd & vegetables) etc together with the prices.

Ah Yee Curry Mee

The small portion Curry Chee Cheung Fun is RM3.30 swimming on a light curry broth topped with pork meat and shitake mushroom strips in a brown sauce that I think is made from oyster sauce and soy sauce. I supposed this is the meat sauce you'll be given when one order the normal chee cheung fun. A sprinkling of chopped scallion/spring onions and deep fried shallots slices complete the dish.

Mine is a small portion with fu pei (deep fried beancurd sheet) costed RM4.10. The curry broth is light and not overly greasy with a nice subtle curry flavour. The meat sauce luckily melded well. Our only gripe is the smooth & slippery chee cheung fun is sliced a bit too wide.

Curry Chee Cheung Fun with Fu Pei

Someone at the table had a bowl of Prawn Noodles (RM4.00 sorry no pic) which is rather lackluster when I tried a sip. There were only 2 medium sized prawn in there lamented that someone! So skip this.

I took a peek at our next table and saw that the Curry Noodles seems yummy, I guess that will have to wait till our next visit. We also found out that they used to operate from a corner coffee shop near by and shifted to the current location 2 years ago. Ahhh that explains why we can't find them at the coffee shop anymore :p

Ah Yee Curry Mee
Jalan Kepong Baru/Jalan Ambong Kiri 1
Kepong Baru
Opens for breakfast & lunch
Click here for map


  1. You should try the curry noodles at imbi market too. :D It's located near the last fruit shop towards the edge of the market. :D

  2. Ya know, it's never open whenever I pass by this stall..haha! I think it's because I tend to use the main road at odd hours. Will give them a try if I can make it during their opening hours. Thanks for the info, Babe!

  3. the pricing seems kinda interesting! RM3.30 and RM4.10 ... instead of rounding it up to RM3.50 or RM4 :D

  4. Dear Babe,

    I'm always looking for a good curry mee and I think the best that I have ever taste is at Wong Fook Kee in Tong Shin terrace. Not much vege, but with cockles and steamed chicken on the bone, exactly how I like it :)

  5. Okie Michell, will try that cos I usually have my curry laksa at Sister's Jalan Alor or Madras Lane

    *chuckle* Hairy, try the reasonable hours

    Sean, I think yong tau foo is now priced at 80 sens, hence add one piece it became RM4.10

    CMS, ooo dats our fave coffee shop but you ought to try the Sister's at Jalan Alor

  6. wah! looks delicious! must try.. :)

  7. Curry CCF! A little out of the way for us though, seeing as to how I hang out at Subang most days now. BTW, there's a pretty good one by USJ2 (by the petronas at the junction leading to summit). The uncle sells curry CCF only on weekends though. He says too mush work to make for weekdays ;)

  8. There is another one located inthe corner coffee shop, diagonally opposite KTZ.

  9. I like their CCF with mushroom sauce with meat slivers :)

  10. The Yum List hehe yeah

    C&C, yes!

    Unka, that's a tad too far for us hahaha

    Unknown, yes the aunty's stall, that review will come up next!

    Choi Yen, I think that's nice too!


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