Monday, 31 October 2011

Review: Tong Pak Fu @ KLCC

Wheeee we're on a dessert roll... ending the month of October with another sugar rush of flavoured shaved ice aka as snow ice. No doubt snow ice is of Taiwanese origin but I find this Tong Pak Fu from Hong Kong have nailed it. I've tried Snowflakes but just don't understand the queues for them, maybe just not my cup of tea, in fact sweet tooth Capt'n Hook also don't fancy them.

We were in KLCC over the weekend cos Capt'n Hook had wanted to check out his stuff over at Avenue K. We were just walking around trying to get to the carpark after dinner. Took a longer route from the escalator going towards Isetan Food Hall which saw a tremendous transformation with so many mouth watering delicacies at every step of the way. Then we saw this Tong Pak Fu place and decided just to look at the menu at the stand outside. The moment the kid flipped through the pages, Capt'n Hook, the lover of all things sweet especially from Hong Kong, decided that we must make a stop here!

The modus operandi here is grab a table, browse through the menu and make the difficult decision in picking what to have teehehe... head to the cashier counter to place your order, pay up, take the number, head back to your table, place the number on the table and next... twiddle your thumbs and patiently wait for your desserts.

Browsing through their menu whilst waiting, other than snow ice, there are hot desserts like the usual like black sesame cream, red bean, mung beans and of fave peanut cream. Then they have some grass jelly creations topped with snow ice. More of sago & crystal pearls creations, tau fu fa (soy bean curd) of various combinations and a few double-boiled tong shui (sweet soup). They also have a few varieties of Western desserts such as creme brulee (a best seller according to their menu), apple crumble, waffles etc.

Capt'n Hook picked Tracka Snow Ice (RM14.80) after asking the cashier what's the difference between Tracka and D24. We were told Tracka is made from "chuk keok" in Cantonese or translated in English is Legs of Bamboo aka Tekar and so it is and it's more expensive (in fact most expensive of the snow ice range) than D24 which goes at RM12.80. It was the wisest choice indeed as it's one of the best durian ice creation I've ever tasted! The finely shaved ice is so velvety and the durian tasted as if it's straight from the pulp if not better as it's cold and melt-in-the-mouth. It's is served with a small heap of small bouncy glutinous rice balls and largish cubes of grass jelly.

Tracka Durian Snow Ice (RM14.80)

Boi Boi had the Mango Snow Ice which he absolutely loved the pinkish balls on the side that goes popping in your mouth as you bite on them like ikura. Another lovely flavoured shaved ice that came with some honeydew melon balls. As for myself, I'm just happy digging into both whilst having brain freeze and goose bumps on my arms towards the end lol.

Mango Snow Ice (RM11.80)

You know how well these desserts sell when they are already charging 6% Government tax! This outlet in KLCC is located opposite of Uniqlo's new extension entrance and there's a another branch at Sunway Giza. Just wish they could have more outlets!

Tong Pak Fu Malaysia
Ltot C15F, Concourse Floor
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur


  1. The modern version of an ice kacang or ABC! I do love these but sometimes still prefer good ol' ABC, less sweet and more refreshing.

  2. looks enticing, a little on the pricy site I guess but probably worth exploring :D

  3. hmm, quite similar to the sweet hut wor. these are best during the hot weather

  4. Sure would love to try this but man, this is expensive!

  5. the weather is currently too cold for this but soon when it's sunny.. CAN! :) hehe

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  7. Hey Babe...tks for sharing coordinates for the yummiest grub...will definitely try them on my next trip. Really look forward to savouring it with new friends I made with co-travelers I connected with on Its new and free and has really fun people :)


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