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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Review: Pan Mee @ Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Hoi Kee


A couple of years ago, I blogged about the mee jawa that is topped with lots of accompaniments in Segambut in Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Hoi Kee. I've also mentioned that I'll check out the pan mee (flat handmade noodles) here one day after noticing that almost every table has a bowl or two of them, just that I hardly have a good picture to blog up here. I guess it's ok to put up smaller pics taken with mobile phone.

I'm glad to say the mee jawa is still up to mark with the same amount of "liew" (accompaniments)! Photo as evidence... heh.

Mee Jawa

The bowl of pan mee that came is huge I tell ya (for my standard). I've asked for hand-torn noodles soupy style even though I usually prefer the dry version. The noodles are slight bouncy and not overly thick, just nice. Loved the ikan bilis (anchovies) broth based that has the natural sweetness perhaps with just a little msg as I was not overly thirsty after this bowl of pan mee

Pan Meen

The accompaniments here are the usual minced pork with shredded black fungus, deep fried ikan bilis, some pork slices and yue wat (fish paste), and lots of amaranth vegetables (yien choy in Cantonese) instead of cekur manis (shue tzai choy in Cantonese, mani chai is widely known in East Malaysia and strangely there's no English name given except for its scientific name of sauropus androgynus!). There is however an addition of a slice of deep fried fu chuk (beancurd sheet) which is out of the norm. 

Pan meen (inside)

I diligently stuffed myself with the entire bowl of noodles, all the accompaniments AND drank up the broth till the last drop! Yea... it was that good! Did you see the saucer of greenish paste there, it's actually blended green chili padi with calamansi lime that went well with the noodles.

Kedai Kopi dan Makanan Hoi Kee
Jalan Segambut Selatan
Click here for map & Google map


ping said...

I love pan mee and the jawa mee looks scrumptious as well! I'm recently addicted to the Chilly Pan Mee place at Kota D'sara. Btw, the map link doesn't seem to work. I so need to find this place.

Sean said...

ooo, looks like my ideal bowl of mee jawa, with lotsa potatoes and boiled eggs? :D

ChopinandMysaucepan said...

For all my years living in KL, I am still a mee jawa virgin!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Haven't had pan mee in years, perhaps time to make some? But then, so much work involve and I'm lazy. :P

foodbin said...

love pan mee with lots of yien choy.

Babe_KL said...

Ping, the link worked for me now. Anyway I've updated a Google map link there as well.

Sean, yes indeed it was!

CMP, awwwww but you can try to make it now

LCOM, hahaha I totally understand

foodbin, me too!

qwazymonkey said...

I love my Pan Mee with loads of anchovies and must come with some damn syiok chilipadi-vinegar sauce.

Anyway, just want to inform you that I've migrated to Please update your RSS and blogroll. Thanks very much!

Ciki said...

hoho! our favourite too!! :)

Babe_KL said...

Congrats Jon! Will do so soon.

C&C *hi5*