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Review: Sumptuous Dessert

Sumptuous Desserts

Sumptuous Desserts
is of no stranger for dessert lovers, especially for the lovers of the king of fruits - durian! Sumptuous Desserts has been churning out luscious Durian Pancakes for the past 4 years out of kiosks which has expanded from Mid Valley to the like of Sungai Wang Plaza, IPC Shopping Center (Ikano Power Centre) and Sunway Pyramid. What I like about their durian pancake is the pancake colour is not electrifying and most importantly the ratio of durian puree is a lot more than the cream!

durian pancake

We have been invited by Steven to check out their desserts and met Lee Lee who owns these sumptuous kiosks in Klang Valley. I've met Lee Lee at Bayan Indah and she even came in to help out in some events. Was glad to meet her again whilst she introduced to us her Cempedak Pancakes. FatBoyBakes who were with us quickly jumped and asked her where she get hold of her year long stock of good cempedak! Apparently, according to these two entrepreneurs, durian is easier to get these days as compared with good cempedak.

Cempedak Pancake collage

As we chat up with Lee Lee, she shared with us that they have fine tuned the operating procedures, right from harvesting the durians and cempedak, storing and processing them, let alone the manufacturing process of all the delicious desserts displayed at the kiosk. So much so that they're looking into expanding into Singapore right now.

Lee Lee got us to try their latest version of Hokkaido Cake which is essentially a a light, soft and fluffy chiffon cake filled with custard cream but of course over at Sumptuous Desserts, they're filled with durian instead! As I bite into the pillow soft cake... hmmm I noted it's not as soft it should be and Lee Lee had noted that as she is still trying to perfect the recipe as her source of certain ingredients are hard to come by with the competition of a bakery that shall not be named here :p

hokkaido cake

FatBoyBakes initially who declared that he can't have any more food inside his tummy, however managed to ate the entire Hokkaido cake as it was so light and soft! Due to our excitement in catching up with Lee Lee's business, that I've forgotten to ask her what is the current prices but all I know is they certainly won't break ones wallet as they are so affordable.

Hokkaido Cake filled with durian

We would like to thank Lee Lee, her hubby and children (for being so patience as we were very late for our appointment) and of course Steven whom initiated the invite.

Sumptuous Desserts
Mid Valley Megamall (Concourse Level, walkway towards The Gardens, opposite Eu Yan Sang)
Sungai Wang Plaza
IPC Shopping Center (Ikano Power Centre, LG near Uncle Lim's Kopitiam)
Sunway Pyramid
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  1. i like their pancake, esp cempedak and mango :D

  2. Me loves Hokkaido Cake! But filled with durian? Hmm... gotta think think about it first. (I usually prefer my durians raw.) :P

  3. I am drooling over the cempedak pancakes!!! I hope I will remember to try it when I go back to M'sia next year.

  4. Ai Wei, hmm hvnt try mango yet!

    Choi Yen, me too!

    Kenny, hahaha these hv fresh durian pulp!

    LCOM, gearing up for home coming trips with a long list of must haves? hahaha


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