Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Review: Darabif Burgers @ Wisma Cosway

We were in Wisma Cosway during ramadhan and Capt'n Hook saw this spanking new Darabif Burgers right at the highly visibility corner of Jalan Raja Chulan and Jalan Pinang. It was four in the afternoon and he decided to have a "snack" of burger *roll eyes* after looking at the buntings. See the power of delicious looking photos!

Darabif Cosway 1

Darabif is not new to me as I've seen their frozen products like sausages and burgers in the supermarket and now they have this modern looking burger joint right in the middle of the city.

Darabif Cosway 2

He opted for the Malaysian Moo set which is essentially a beef burger with an egg wrap, topped with a slice of cheese and shredded cabbage. I think there's a squeeze of an orangey sauce too. The RM8.88 set came with fries and coleslaw and a cup of soft drink.

Malaysian Moo set (RM8.88) that came with a soft drink

I took a couple of bites and I have to say it's not too shabby but I can't pinpoint the certain lack of oomph that we generally get from the street burger stalls. Perhaps it's not sloppy enough hehe... the fries are all right too but seriously the lump of coleslaw not only look unappetising but tasted one too. The cabbage and carrot tasted dry and lifeless that we left them untouched after a teeny bite.

Inside of Moo burger

Bitten Moo burger

While Capt'n Hook was devouring his burger, I attacked the ABC (Air Batu Campur ) with Durian (RM3.95), a shaved ice concoction with jelly, red bean, sweet corn etc drizzled with syrup. As I dig in slowly by the sides instead of mixing everything up, I find something is not right about it. I asked Capt'n Hook to try some and he seems to agree with me. There's something sourish in there. As I try the elements one by one... ahhhh then I found the culprit - the durian puree!

ABC with durian (RM3.95)

The durian puree has turned bad definitely. I brought it to the counter and told the staff to stop serving the durian ABC as it has turn bad. The guy gave me this puzzled look and he took the bowl into the kitchen. From my seat, I saw the entire crew crowding around the bowl of ABC, not sure what went on there (I did not expect them to taste the durian puree since it's fasting month) but seriously there is no single word of apology right from the time I returned the bowl of ABC to the point we left. Again not being petty here, not only they did not apologise, there was no offer of replacement or anything like that. A simple word of 'sorry' would suffice and replacement to us is not necessary but could have been sweet.

Sighhhh, our country is seriously lacking in the service department just like our experience in The Cream & Fudge Factory. We can have the world class food but having a third class service ethics would certainly mar the experience no matter how great the food is! It's time for the service industry to buck up!

Darabif Burgers
Wisma Cosway
LOT G13, G14 & G16, Ground Floor, Wisma Cosway,
N0 88, Jalan Raja Chulan,
50200 Kuala Lumpur


  1. Yeah, I know what you mean about common courtesy. Sometimes, we're not even asking for a replacement, just a simple apology would have made things better and all you get is a blank stare.

  2. i do like their lamb burger, but ya, service in this country is still lacking for sure.

  3. aww we've missed Darabif ever since they closed down in Uptown; Wisma Cosway is too far to travel for a burger! Try the lamb burger if you get a chance. My favourite is the lamb glam and add an extra patty. The beef nuggets are special too! =D

  4. gosh, i'm thinking the restaurant probably continued serving the durian ABC to other customers after you left. hopefully it didn't cause any food poisoning for anyone, ya...

  5. You're totally spot-on Ping!

    KY & dropsofcontentment, hmm ok I'm taking note on their lamb burger

    eeeekkk Sean, I don't wanna know hehehe

  6. Hmm, they were probably thinking who's this lady who does not appreciate durians!
    Anyway, jokes aside, they could have muttered an apology and hope they slashed that off your bill?

  7. Yeah some restaurant's service is really appalling. Its really horrible of them to serve you food that has gone bad though.

  8. last night I had ramli burger. it's still THE best!! :)

  9. There was a outlet at Hartamas but closed down, I love their lamb burger!


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