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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Review: Ben's General Store

Ben's General Food Store

I'm pretty sure those in Kuala Lumpur would have noticed that after Delicious Cafe and Reunion was sold to E&O Group, The BIG Group made a BIG come back with quite a number of eateries especially in Bangsar Village. With Plan B, Bistro 42, Canoodling, Ricetaurant, T Forty Two, Ben's and to it's latest Ben's General Food Store. Ben's has fast became our favourite, just that *ahem* I have yet the time to post up a review. After our first trip to Ben's General Food Store (BGFS), I guess it's going to be our next favourite, hmmm you know especially so when one has a kid who digs Western food *roll eyes*

Ben's General Store - condiments

The settings at BGFS set the pace of being a casual and fast serving restaurant as the tables were arranged in rows like how a mamak shop looked like, do expect sharing a long table with strangers but of course there were smaller tables with teeny gaps in between. Sharing is BIG here, including food of course. Cutleries and condiments are available in a holder to help yourself with. Plates and glasses are passed around and I'm so glad drinking water is served in a bottle, free for you to pour as much as you like... unlike some places we went that charges 80 sens for a glass of so called "sky juice"! Ridiculous, I tell ya!

Nostalgic plates

In the menu were selections of salads and desserts which you can check out at the refrigerated displays. Then there were the choices of pizzas which range from RM17.90 with the most expensive one being RM29.90 filled with assorted seafood. There were sweet pizzas as well with the different fillings topped with mascarpone!

Under the Hot Deli, BoiBoi had eyed on his fave lasagna which he's going to order on our next trip. There's even a Sunday Roast of roast beef and yorkshire pudding, oh yums. Under Breakfast, there were even breakfast pizzas!

Capt'n Hook picked a Peach Soda (RM6.90) from the Soda Fountain, whilst BoiBoi had a Watermelon Juice (RM10.90) and myself, I just can't resist the words "peanut butter" in Peanut Butter Banana Milkshakes (RM9.90). Thank goodness the portion of milkshake is not gigantic or else I would be too filled to have some food. Loved the BIG flavour of peanut butter in this shake.

Watermelon juice, Peach Soda (RM6.90) & Peanut Butter Banana Milkshakes (RM9.90)

BoiBoi ordered Breakfast Pizza (RM19.90) after reading that it has all his fave breakfast items like sausages and eggs, plus ketchup in there. The pizza has generous serving of chicken sausages, beef bacon and a slighly over done egg. Guess who took the portion with the egg yolk sitting on it???

Breakfast Pizza (RM19.90)

Capt'n Hook asked the wait staff which pizza has a lot meat inside (*roll eyes*) and this Il Carnivore (RM24.90) was recommended. It does really satisfied the carnivore in him tucking into the delights of beef pepperoni, chicken sausages, beef bacon and lamb chorizo topped with mozzarella.

Il Carnivore (RM24.90)

Capt'n Hook also asked to reserve a serving of Apple Cobbler ala mode (RM9.90). There are the apples with cinnamon with a crumble topping that is way too dense. I guess this is our only misses that evening. Other than that, we're quite happy especially the little "tall" one.

Apple cobbler ala mode (RM9.90)

When done, just stroll over next door to the store where freshly made breads are available. There were many choices of top grade items and gourmet cooking ingredients that you can find here. On my next visit, Orange Blossom Water will be top on my list after witnessing how Nigel uses it in his torrone.

Watch out for more of our adventures with the other restaurants, ok I promise will be posted up soon.

Ben's General Food Store
G17 & 18 Ground Floor
Bangsar Village 1
1 Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur


ping said...

I luurve this place! Haven't had the chance to sample everything yet. Absolutely love the salads! Didn't think much about the fish pie tho ... too fishy :( probably not very fresh. Looking forward to your reviews about this place, then I'll know what to order and what not to :D

choi yen said...

The apple crumble too dense? In flavor or texture?

Jason said...

It has been donkey years since I stepped into BV >_<

Thanks for the recommendation!

Baby Sumo said...

Heard that the pizzas here are really good. Cant wait to try them :)

Ciki said...

We love the mushroom truffle pizzas here! so delish!!

Kenny Mah said...

Don't worry about the kid loving Western food (kids will be kids after all). Speaking experience, I went from a chicken breast and fries kinda kid to one who loves everything Asian... uhm, I mean food, of course. ;)