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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My Favourite Noodles Stall - Sisters Noodles @ Jalan Alor


I've been frequenting Sisters Noodles for around 20 years and it's strange that I've never blogged about them :p no no it's not that I want to protect my fave noodles stall from being over crowded, just that I never have the opportunity to take nice pics to justify the deliciousness. My family has been following Madam Yong and her sister up and down Jalan Alor as they move to different coffee shops for almost every Sunday at one point. Her sister has since retired and Madam Yong's son is taking over the spot now. They are currently located in the same block as Wong Ah Wah Restaurant but at the opposite end. I remember the coffee shop used to be One To One but recently has its name changed and instead of white signboard, it's yellow in colour now and sorry the name just escaped me.

Their specialty are rice wine noodles with lots of ginger and black fungus strips and you have the usual choice of chicken but they have frogs, fish, prawns, pork meat up till innards like liver, kidney, fallopian tube (sang cheung), stomach, intestines etc. Due to the flexibility in choosing your options, hence the pricing also depends on that. I can't remember how much but it's from RM6 upwards. Do opt to add an extra fried egg if you have really huge appetite! I find the rice wine broth has the right balance these days but if you really want a stronger version, do tell Madam Yong and she'll step up the amount of rice wine for the extra kick! I have ex-colleagues who do that and ended up having flushed cheeks after lunch kekeke remember to bring along extra tissue papers ya to mop up your sweat.

Chicken Rice Wine Noodles

I took a foodie friend here recently and she absolutely loved this as she had never have rice wine broth served with noodles. We also shared a bowl of Curry Laksa. I'm not kidding you with the generous amount of ingredients served alongside with the noodles, just look at the pic! Aside from chicken pieces, we have long beans, brinjals, tau foo pok, deep fried pork rinds, and of course my must have of fresh blood cockles! The curry laksa gravy is lightly thickened with coconut milk and midly fragrant with spices.

Curry Laksa

Aside from these two items, I have the chance of tasting their Assam Laksa back in those days. Loved the punch of sourness but sad to say they don't serve this anymore. However, you can try wantan noodles or pork noodles which are great as well but I just can't say no to rice wine chicken noodles nor curry laksa each time I'm here.

If wish you cook Chicken Rice Wine, I have the recipe here.

Sisters Noodles
31 Jalan Alor, off Jalan Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS Coordinates: N 3 8.74301 E 101 42.50303
Opens from morning till lunch. Closed on Mondays


Sean said...

whoaaaa, those cockles look deliciously bouncy and blood-red! i've driven along jalan alor many times but only at night, and never noticed the signboard for this place before. too bad it can't be a supper stop...

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow, the first dish looks just like the confinement food I cooked for myself minus the noodle. :D

Babe_KL said...

Sean, drop by here for breakie/lunch, you won't regret it!

LCOM, it's the same thing, so you can try with some noodles in it next time. mee suah or fresh noodles are good with it!