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Time Out KL Food Award 2011 Blogger's Choice: Vote for Al Amnah!

Babe in the City - KL is honoured to be picked by Time Out KL to list our choice of favourite makan (eating) place of the year. You're encouraged to vote for Al Amnah, our fave teh tarik and basic roti canais place as not only Al Amnah will get an award for Blogger's Choice category but we will also get a prize too should Al Amnah is the winner of this category! So do us a favour hehe vote for Al Amnah!!!

Blogger's Choice voting will commence on Friday, 23rd September at 9.00am. Every vote counts in the Time Out KL Food Awards – the ONLY awards in Kuala Lumpur which are free and fair and voted for by the citizens of KL. To ensure no unfair play, voters cannot vote multiple times on the same day. So just make it a habit to vote at least once a day :p for your favourite makan categories ;-)

To ease things up, I've reproduced the previous blog post here:

AA - Al Amnah Restaurant

For the first time, TimeOutKL has included a Blogger's Choice category in The Time Out KL Food Awards 2011. So here I am nominating KL's best teh tarik place Al Amnah Restaurant. As I've mentioned before, they're located on the ground floor of Kuala Lumpur's earliest apartment building - Selangor Mansion in the Masjid India vicinity. There's a row of similar eateries here but this is our favourite as the teh tarik is so far the best we have tasted and the rotis (flat breads) are the bomb!

The teh tarik (pulled tea) is totally not sweet at all, without you even telling them "kurang manis (less sweet)". The tea flavour is strong but yet creamy. I would love to learn how to make this version of teh tarik!

KL's best Teh Tarik (RM1)

I'm not a big fan of roti canais (flaky flat bread) but when I do want one, this is the place for me. Since the turnaround of customers here is very high, they tend to make a pile high of plain roti canais here that are round in shaped. However, we usually tell them we want Roti Canai Empat Segi (square) as these are usually freshly made and the crispy version of roti canai. They are served with thick-ish dhal (lentil curry) with a dollop of sweet sambal. There are other curries too, just tell them which you prefer. 

AA - dhall with sambal

Capt'n Hook's usual order of Roti Canai Telur Bawang (eggs and onions) has also became a hit with BoiBoi. When we first brought him here, he was a bit skeptical about the surroundings... sighhh the signs of well fed kids brought up in comfy restaurants hahahaha but he liked the teh tarik and rotis so much, plus the countless stray cats that he admired... he's not complaining any more. 

AA - roti telur bawang

When we first started coming here, the roti staples were very basic but in the recent years they have succumbed and added in a few more fancy schmancy (in their standard lah) items like Roti Sardine. Canned sardines in tomato sauce are smashed before beating in an egg and adding in a few slices of onions, which in turned is poured on the thin stretched dough before being cooked. 

AA - roti sardine

My utmost favourite has to be the Roti Special! It's basically roti banjir (sliced up roti canai drowned in dhal) topped with 2 soft boiled eggs and a dollop of sambal on the side. I'm not sure about you but for a big fan of wobbly eggs with runny yolk soaking through the mash of roti and dhal... this is my kinda hearty dig.
Roti Special (RM2.30)

Al Amnah is always buzzing with activities and it's always interesting to watch the going-ons here at any time of the day. As this is a small Indian Muslim establishment, they do not take credit cards. It's a road side eatery in an old building, so do not expect this to be disabled friendly nor child friendly. As for pet, I guess you can bring in your pet cat or iguana, I'm sure they won't mind.

Al Amnah Restaurant
No. 2 Ground Floor
Selangor Mansion
Jalan Masjid India
Kuala Lumpur
(I think this place opens 24 hours)
Coordinates: 3°9'7"N 101°41'50"E


  1. OMGGGGG...the description of that roti sardine killed me. i want it baddd

  2. That roti banjir is something I would dive head first into. Why didn't we have stuff like that in Sabah?

  3. This is a all time favorite since I was a kid growing up in used to be the city center of KL.

    Also, known among the locals as Mansion, or the place for "roti canai banjir SPECIAL"

    This is pure awesomeness, no other mamak can replicate this. They got everything right here, the curry, the eggs and roti is all so balanced.

    Good luck Babe_KL! I always order for seconds and thirds.

    If you guys wants a proper definition of a roti banjir. This is the place to start. ;)

    Riz Ainuddin

  4. Rita, next time when you're in KL, remember to come by this place. it's really a classic!

    Lady G, perhaps you can ask your local mamak to prepare roti canai like this

    Thanks so much Riz. It only takes someone who appreciate this kinda food to understand the pleasure of digging into something so simple but yet heavenly like this! Hey get the FriedChillies team to vote Al Amnah then! They should be exposed to the world!

  5. Just had roti canai yesterday, me and my Quay Lo are big fans:D

  6. Oooh, looks so delicious, must try this place when we go to KL.

  7. Quay Po, remember to vote for this place ya!

    Shaz, yes you should put this place on your makan list

  8. A refreshing food review on Mamak stall! This is definitely a 'must try' for me, especially it's been years since I was last seen in Masjid India.


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