Friday, 1 July 2011

Half Year Mark...

Sighhh time really does fly eh and today mark half a year has gone by in the year 2011. I'm still officially "jobless" albeit enjoying my time working on part-time basis at Bayan Indah. I've learnt lots of stuff and met lots of people of all walks of life from some corporate top guns to famous Malaysian artist to the number 4 most influential woman in the world and best of all bumping into my ex-colleagues and old friends!

I guess the highlight ought to be the 3 Kampung Cuisine classes that I've taught whilst Rohani was away on holiday last month. Amongst these 3 classes, one of them was under Malaysian Kitchen initiative and guess who was in the kitchen??? Never would I imagined "teaching" an Australian Masterchef and he's none other than Season 2's winner - Adam Liaw!

Other than this, I've been really really quiet about my pregnancy late last year since I had a bad track record previously. In fact very very few of our friends or relative were aware of it. We have both been having really good vibes and were terribly careful about it. I was also being monitored ever so closely by my obgyn (she's reading this, I know - Hi!) that my visits were on a regular 2 weekly basis. Alas things just decided to go downhill with another miscarriage. What could have been more worse off than having it to happen on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year and to add on to that... a rather traumatic time in the emergency room.

This time round, fetus was just tested healthy with nucal scan and blood tests came back normal as well (they don't come cheap!), just like 2 weeks before and my last check up was just a couple of days before Chinese New Year. Anyway to cut long story short, my placenta seemed to have another bout of bacteria infection and the 14.5 months fetus aborted itself. To thank Lord that I do not have to be induced which can be extremely painful!

It has been really really hard since we both were prepared for this and I totally understand now what devastation meant now. As my mother was recovering from her bout of gout, I have to literally take care of myself after discharging from the hospital. Luckily we have an acupuncturist friend whom had helped me to recover quickly by giving me the right herbs in the form of tablets and capsule plus of course needle pokes.

Capt'n Hook just can't bear it when my obgyns have advised us not to conceive anymore since they have no idea how the infection could have taken place and the chances to recur is very high. So we decided to take a break in Chiang Mai the following week which left my acupuncturist aghast as he thought that I should stay at home to rest and practice some kinda confinement :p

When things like this happened, many would advice... well don't worry time will heal but seriously, it can be quiet hard. I would have thought 5 months have gone by la-ti-da but things are not helping when you tend to keep bumping into pregnant ladies or newborn babies in prams but the worse bit was seeing new mummy carrying their newborn leaving the hospital!

The cream of the cake came when we have to send BoiBoi to the emergency room 2 weeks ago. Gosh it was so hard walking through the door, I could literally see the blood drips on the floor... and the floodgate opened when they put BoiBoi opposite to where I was placed. It's also not helping (well, we could laughed about it now though) that it was the same nurse whom witnessed the abortion before the doctor arrived attending to BoiBoi. The Medical Officer was puzzled why the mummy is crying and my poor BoiBoi looked kinda worried. What a lousy mum I must have been at that moment. Again Capt'n Hook became my pillar of strength to help me quickly recover from the meltdown so that we can concentrate on BoiBoi.

Thank goodness he's all well now, fully recovered and back to his normal self. I supposed we're glad to be blessed with him, more could have been better though but I do felt relieve now that I don't need to wake up to a wailing baby, changing smelly diapers, having smelly curdled milk on my shoulders or clothings... but I really do missed the smell of a baby. Gosh jotting all these down still bring me tears... still not 100% healed yet I guess :(

I hope those of you whom have invited us for tea party, dinners and reviews and oh yeah also a video feature on a food programme on NTV7 but we have turned down mostly would understand the situation that we're in. A lot of times I just don't feel like mingling around. Just give us a bit more of time ya. Sorry.

6 months have gone by and almost a year to my VSS, I supposed I really do need to sit down and reflect, to think of what could be my next move. Should I jump back to the corporate world or should I pursue something I enjoy and doing the things I love??

I guess you guys just have to wait and see then...

Anyway for something on the bright side, this month I should start thinking hard on my other baby - Merdeka Open House 2011! This year will be the sixth installment, woohooo! Lemme sit on it for a while cos this week, my work schedule has been really really crazy. I've never done so much preparation and cooking especially deep frying. I have been a really good and clever girl this week hahaha... never been so proud of myself.

There's something that I do hope turn out nice this month and would update here once we got wind of it. So excited actually :D

Well, may the next 6 months bring us and you more good tidings ;-)


  1. So sorry to hear about this. I have the same experience like yours. It happened on the 2nd day of cny too. 3 years back. Painful experience that I would never forget.

  2. Banyan Indah looks interesting. may sign up for a class.

    Best wishes to you and you family.

  3. Wow, that's a lot on your shoulders. Coming from some one who has no clue about this sort of things, I do believe being overly stressed is a big no-no. Take it easy and here's wishing you a good and safe delivery and outcome.

  4. LOVE n HUGS to you and Capn Hook and Boi Boi... I hope the next 6 months and forever after that will bring happiness n joy into your lives....

  5. Hey, I just read this beautifully written blog from you, and wanted to send you all the Blessings and well wishes from the Middle East!

    Things always happen for a reason, just that sometimes it takes years, or decades, for us to see .. and know why!


  6. What a challenging year. life throws us curve balls in the most unexpected way :( Keep the positive attitude up and miracles do happen!

  7. hugs. Gambateh babe in the city !!

  8. *hugs* Little Inbox

    Thanks Khoo, hope to see you at Bayan Indah soon

    Thanks Ping for such comforting words

    Lets keep our fingers crossed J! *hugs*

    Agree with you totally Jules ;-) Thanks.

    Daphne, yes it does. Thanks dear.

    Thank you Ry

  9. Hiya, been stalking your blog for a long, long time now, and am so sorry to hear about the recent sad events. Hope things look up for you from hereon and my admiration for your strength to go on (all these blog posts throughout the year!) and my thoughts for you, Capt Hook and BoiBoi!

  10. Ye, may the next 6 months and many months after, bring you & family better things - I'm sure of that! Take care.

  11. *hugs* Things can and only will get better from here.

  12. Hi PuiYee, I do hope to hear more comments from you ;-)

    Thanks PureGlutton

    Unka, thanks

  13. oh, babe ...... i am so sorry to hear about this. sending over a {{BIG HUG}}. stay positive and i am sure God will bless you (and your family) richly! :) xoxo

  14. Thanks Celine *hugs* it's comforting to know someone do care even though we have never met! :p


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