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Review: Marutama Ramen


We must have been the last in town to pay a visit to Fahrenheit 88 (formerly known as KL Plaza), the not-so-new mall by now. That too because we have to kill time waiting for MIL to finish up her hair do in a salon nearby. Anyway, it was late morning when we were there and just took a quick walk around to check things out. Not sure what kinda crowd this mall would attract though after going thru the mish mash of shops.

Food outlets are scattered at different corners and floors instead of concentration within the same floor. It was kinda confusing at first but luckily they have signages all over the pillars. For lunch, we can't wait to dine at Marutama Ramen after all the raves reviews from the blogsphere.

Marutama Ramen is an established chain of ramen shops based in Saitama and Tokyo. It has now landed in different parts of the world, fast expanding in South East Asia. The first outlet in Malaysia is located at Fahrenheit 88.

The ramen are handmade fresh on a daily basis and served in a savoury chicken soup. One can choose to have it normal or spicy. Next, you're asked to pick what items you want in your ramen. As the menu is very simple, there are just a few options available such as stewed pork belly, char siu, egg etc. The noodles are served with some seasoned seaweed. On each table, there would be condiments of fried garlic and sesame seeds.


Both "tham jiaks" (greedy eaters) opted for stewed pork belly, char siu and egg in their ramen (RM27 per bowl)! Sounds pricy but seriously, it's worth all it! The soup is tasty knowing that it has been boiled long hours to extract such flavour from chicken. The char siu and egg were cooked to a perfection, do note that the egg is actually 3/4 boiled where the yolk is still a bit runny on the inside... ahhhh my kinda egg! The ramen texture is thin but bouncy and served with some yummy seasoned seaweed. The pork belly is stewed till super tender and literally melt in my mouth. I did tried adding some fried garlic in my ramen but in my opinion, over powered the delicious soup. I think I'll keep mine clean with some extra sesame seeds. On the other hand, Capt'n Hook preferred loads of fried garlic for a more robust flavour.

Marutama Ramen (RM27)

BoiBoi's favourite is gyoza which one can opt to order as a side dish but they do have set lunch on a separate set of menu. He opted for the set lunch (RM17) which has the gyoza and garlic fried rice (another of his fave) which came with a bowl of tummy warming vegetable soup.

Gyoza Torigohan Set (RM17)

I did not try any of his dishes but I'm pretty sure they were good as he polished them all off. His set came with a drink of green tea, otherwise we paid RM1 each for the green tea.

Garlic Fried Rice


The set up here is very simple and food is served rather quickly. Now I understand what's the fuss is all about Marutama Ramen. If you're in the vicinity, do make it a must-go!

Marutama Ramen
Lot No. 1-27(01)
1st Floor,  Fahrenheit 88
Tel: 603-21411573


  1. i think they've been running for about nine months, so it's encouraging to hear that their quality has stayed consistent! and ya, since a plate of pasta can cost RM28, i guess an RM28 bowl of ramen with lots of toppings is also fairly priced :D

  2. Going to F88 today.. so tempted to try after reading this!

  3. Hmm ... I wonder if this was the same one under the escalators during KL Plaza time? A tiny little hole in the wall but served some great ramen but I sort of remembered it being abt $15 a bowl or so. So maybe they've grown and so have their prices :P

  4. I was just in KL last week but I went to Hutong at the bottom of Lot 10 instead, the food was great though especially the beef ball noodles :)

  5. Sean, I dun mind paying that price if they continue to stay this delicious!

    Hahaha Baby Sumo, do give it a try!

    Yes Chopin, the best all-in-one place in KL for non-halal hawker food

    LCOM, they really are. Ask your parents to try them!

  6. have heard mixed reviews.. but STILL have not been.. sigh.. it's like in the heart of the jam and i am in the heart of PJ :P

    Nice shots!

  7. Been reading a lot of raving review about this ramen place. I'll surely will give it a try. RM27 is not too bad lah, I had Dragon Ramen in Singapore that cost me SGD $15. But that was one damn good ramen. No regrets.

  8. C&C, so far so good for us though. gosh I so missed the ramen!

    Simon, do give it a try

  9. My wife and I had a chance to dine there once. Food was really delicious and we enjoyed the simple setting and fast service a lot!


  10. Ahh good to knw it has stayed consistent to taste! Sg QC eh? ;P


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