Monday, 27 June 2011

Herbal Congee

Hmmm it has already been more than a week since my last post. Almost losing mojo to blog now since my mood is not back to its normal self. Not when I had one week's worth of worrying and sleepless nights over my BoiBoi's fluctuating high temperature. It's really nerve wrecking when you do not know what was wrong with the kid.

BoiBoi was admitted to the hospital for 2 nights last weekend. After the usual dengue, urine and typhoid tests which all turned out negative... the pediatrician diagnosed him with acute pharyngitis. The first day the kid was rather tired, no appetite and restless since he's bed bound as he need to be on drips. The next day was energetic, with some appetite back but he cried a little cos he wanted to go home. I guess it's no fun dragging the drip stand (did you know drips are electronically controlled these days???) along to the toilet and wee wee into a measuring jug :p

Anyway, he was off school for the entire week with his fever still on-off for another 2 days after discharging from the hospital but luckily not super high when he was back home. He has since recovered and started school today. I guess I can have a bit of break now even though I'm still worried that his fever may recur. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed now!

Back to some food blogging...

I had some leftover chicken herbal soup in the fridge and with the weather so hot, we just didn't feel like eating anything but light stuff. So instead of cooking rice to go with the soup, I suddenly thought of using the soup as the liquid to cook congee (rice porridge/jook in Cantonese).

All I did was removed the herbs and chicken carcass from the soup but add back the goji berries (kei chee in Cantonese) and stripped-off chicken meat from the carcass. I've used it in replace of water to cook this brown rice congee. I adjusted the salt and added some grounded white pepper to taste. As it turned out, the herbal soup gave great flavour to the congee and I really wonder why I have never thought of this earlier! I guess it's never too late for anything huh?

Herbal Congee


  1. Been a silent follower of your blog, sorry to hear about your boy, hope everything turns out ok, it sounds serious, i can relate to what u are feeling since i got 2 girls of my own.

    Anyway, do take care of yourself too.

  2. good to hear he's back in school and feeling good! =)

  3. Oh dear, poor boy and poor parents. It is stressful, more so when something can't be diagnosed. but I'm glad things seem to be better now. I guess congee is the best thing to have when one is sick. I call this sick food coz I used to eat congee/porridge only when I'm sick but now, if I get good bowl of century eggs porridge or something with lots of stuff in it ... mmmm. Take care and crossing toes and fingers for you too! :D

  4. Thanks so much, ykristen

    Sean, thank you!

    Ping, thanks and I know some adults until now refuses to eat porridge cos they associate them as sick people's food lol

  5. oh dear, hope boiboi gets better really really soon. This congee is full of flavour with the goji berries! I like.

  6. I remember I read some article said that soup cannot keep overnight O.O

  7. Thanks Daphne, he has fully recovered

    Choi Yen, never heard of that. Some of my friends' mothers usually boil their soup then keep in the fridge to be drank the next day cos they wanted to remove the fats easier o.O

  8. love this idea!! you are a genius!:) xoxo

  9. errm Celine, when one is lazy, dats when creativity comes in


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