Monday, 6 June 2011

Happy Duan Wu Jie

Today is Duan Wu Jie aka Rice Dumpling aka Dragon Boat Festival. Chinese all over the world is celebrating this festival by making or eating glutinous rice dumplings (aka bak chang in Hokkien or zhung in Cantonese) and there will be dragon boat race as well!

This time, I'm featuring the sweet version of glutinous rice dumplings with red bean fillings as oppose to the savoury versions. I've tried my hand in wrapping some but it was totally a disaster hahaha. PureGlutton had showed some of us how to make it last year and most of us gave up after trying 1 or 2. Luckily she was very patient in trying to save up our dumplings, phewww. Her dumplings are filled to the brim with all my favourite ingredients and one of the best we ever have ;-)

Anyway, shown here are the glutinous rice dumplings with red bean fillings also known as karn zhui (alkaline) zhung. Most times these rice dumplings are plain without any fillings and to be eaten with kaya or palm sugar syrup. This is my favourite kinda dumplings as compared to the savoury ones.

Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Red Beans Filling

If you're celebrating, we would like to wish you a happy Duan Wu Jie!


I'm submitting this for Muhibbah Malaysian Monday blog event. This event is the brainchild of  Shaz (Test With A Skewer) and Suresh (3 Hungry Tummies). Read more here.


  1. Same to you. Didnt realise it is Dumpling festival today, haha! :)

  2. I think the last time I had my hands on wrapping these dumplings were 10 years ago, if not more. lol.. Happy duan wu jie!

  3. Thank you Ai Wei!

    Celine :p if my mother don't call me I won't remember too

    Ping, hahaha but tonight no dinner at my parents :(

    Swee San, you know how to do it? Wow, good for you! It's so difficult, I think need loads of practice!!!

  4. sniff sniff, everyone's posting about rice dumplings today, but i haven't had any at all this year. so shy (and sad) :D

  5. Yay! Happy Rice Dumpling Festival to you and family *hugs* :)

  6. Happy Duan Wu Jie to you too. I miss bak chang this year.

  7. Drooling, I miss Malaysian type of bak chang. The ones sold here in the US are Taiwanese version, Hong Kong version, not as tasty lah.

  8. sean, go find yourself some, quite easy these days, Jusco also selling

    Thanks J *hugs*

    LCOM, do you know how to make any?

    Thanks Jason

    Oh, Bee, have you tried making them yourself?

  9. Did you know that they even have halal beef zhung? So creative.

  10. I don't have a sweet tooth so I have to pass on this one but I absolutely love the savoury ones, especially with a bonus piece of pork belly and egg yolk in there :)


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