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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Review: Onn Kee's Roast Duck


I've blogged about Restaurant Sun Ming recently about their roast meats. The roast duck was so-so and I still think Restoran BBQ Kong Meng serves better roast duck in Cheras region. Since I grew up in Kepong, we were fed roast ducks from Onn Kee since young on special occasions. Those days, Onn Kee is amongst the first push cart stall that sells roast duck by the road side along Jalan Kepong Baru, where they're situated currently. I should know better when my primary school is just a skip and a hop away tee hee...

Anyway, we dropped by for lunch with my brother recently and I'm glad that the roast meats here are still going strong. Instead of push carts, the stalls have gotten permanent roof over their head now. Since it was around 1 o'clock, there were vast amount of choices available.

We opted for 1/4 roast duck, 1/4 sesame seeds roast duck and a plate of siu yoke (roast pork) and char siu (bbq pork) for 2 person. With 3 plates of rice and 2 cups of chrysanthemum tea, all these cost us RM47 only. Seems reasonable to me.

Roast Duck

Price aside, the most important factor is the taste. At least the duck is flavourful, not bland at all. The sesame version have extra crunch on the skin which lend a nutty bite and taste. My favourite!

Sesame Seeds Roast Duck

Whilst the glistening char siu stood out for not being sickly sweet, the siu yoke is just all right. Smooth with crispy skin but lacked the flavour of 5 spice powder and salt.

Siu Yoke & Char Siu

If you can read Chinese, you can see the prices. Click on the photo to view a larger pic.

Onn Kee

Onn Kee's stall is located by the road side, a stone throw away from KTZ Kepong and don't get confused over another roast duck stall which is operating side-by-side. If you sit long enough, you'll be able to see which stall has more customers :p and they are opened for lunch till all roasts are finish around afternoon.

Onn Kee
Lot 209 Jalan Kepong Baru
52100 Kepong
Tel: 03 6258 5227 / 019 311 6616 / 012 619 6202


KY said...

wahh looks damn good, will try will try!

choi yen said...

I will come here when I'm craving for duck duck because it's near my house :)

thule a.k.a leo said...

yeah my wife also commented that this stall's roasted duck is commendable!! Sadly both of you couldn't find time to come to Kepong area as most of the time we are in either PJ or KL

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh, the sesame seeds one looks great to me!

Little Inbox said...

Roast duck is my favorite and I have not had the sesame version so far.

Babe_KL said...

KY, do make the journey!

Choi Yen, you haven't try before? Try and let me know what you think ok

Leo, I'm in Kepong on certain days of the week :p but not weekends though

LCOM, yeah my fave actually

Little Inbox, ya cos not many places have this sesame version

choi yen said...

I tried before, nice~