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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 10 January 2011

Review: Teaklimey's Lime Squeezer

Back in November, we made a short trip to Malacca to attend a wedding function. We haven't been to Malacca like close to 10 years and what a major transformation to the city centre. The area had been spruced up and best of all the river ain't smelly any more! We even took a river cruise and enjoyed all 45 minutes of it.

We walked along Jonker Street and checked out some of the trinket and souvenir shops. It was in on of these shops that Capt'n Hook got mesmerised by Burmese Walking Stick. Since there isn't that many to choose from, we took the pamphlet home and he got on to the website to check on more information. He sent an enquiry and a Mr Brown replied. Since he's based in Thailand, he told us we could get them from a couple of shops in KL but we could also go to Seremban to meet Mrs Brown to select the sticks.

Since Seremban is less than an hour away, we took a leisurely drive there. We met Mrs Brown or fondly known as Jesslyn. She handles the shipping and marketing aspect around Malaysia for Teaklimey products. If you have checked the site, you would come across quite a wide range of products made from recycled teak.

Jesslyn was kind enough to presented me an early Christmas gift which is a Lime Squeezer. Later as we chatted, she found out that I liked to cook and was also a food blogger. She was so delighted and presented me with more goodies. Once of which is a very unique tong. She said it's very good for handling meat during barbeque party. It can be used as a salad tong. The uniqueness of this tong is with the design. When it's not in used, it's folded flat! To use it, just need to flip it around and there's a piece at the edge that acts like a spring. I really liked how it folded flat and can be stored just so easily, plus it looked really great and sleek. Wonderful to use when guests are around and make great gift too!

tong - closed

tong - opened

You can watch the demo here:

I usually couldn't really care about kitchen tools like lime squeezer as I find it less work by just cutting lime into wedges and squeeze with my hands but not when I need to squeeze loads of them when I worked at Bayan Indah :p

Lime squeezer

Not sure about you but I find our lime (limau nipis) is very hard. It can never be cut half and squeeze just like that or with a juicer. When Jesslyn told me that the lime squeezer works perfectly, I was pretty skeptical at first until I tried it.

Lime squeezer - open

It's really amazing how easy and effortless to squeeze lime with this teak squeezer! I just put the lime, cut side down and press it together. Easy peasy!

Lime squeezer 01

Best part the pesky seeds are all retained inside the squeezer. Just look at how much it managed to squeeze out in just one effortless press. I think we'll be having more limeade with this cool little gadget.

Lime squeezer 02

Teaklimey also have this cute little pepper grinder. Best for freshly grounded black pepper ;-)

Pepper grinder

Do note that all teaks used are from demolished old stilt houses with permission from Thai authorities and all products are hand crafted. Prices are inclusive of world wide postage and packaging. We would like to thank Mr & Mrs Brown for creating such wonderful eco-friendly products. We are looking forward for more unique items from both of you!


Sean said...

malacca's my hometown, but i haven't been back since early 2009! i bet i wouldn't recognize a lot of the buildings and road directions these days either. but jonker street is such a cool place to find interesting knickknacks hor. though if i had seen this tong in a shop, i wouldn't know what it was for (it could even be a sex toy!) :D

Kenny Mah said...

I agree - if it's just one lime for to flavour whatever dishes we have slightly, it's certainly easier by hand. But if one needs to squeeze a ton of the stuff, say for some limeade (or lime-and-lemonade, even), then any tool that works would help greatly! :D

thule a.k.a leo said...

that's very practical and useful tool you've got there! I'm checking out the site at the same time too!! LOL

ping said...

Cool gadgets! I love gadgets ... practical and functional ones, of course. I gotta get myself one of those lime juicers!

Unknown said...

wowww super duper amazing indeed!

Lisa@ButteryBooks said...

That is so much prettier than my lime green one. I can't wait to show up at my sister's house (who makes amazing margaritas) with that thing.

Babe_KL said...

LOL Sean!!!

Definitely Kenny!

Leo, found anything fancy?

Ping, check out other stuff too.

Rita, care for one yourself?