Monday, 31 January 2011

Review: Kashmir Cafe

We were in Petaling Jaya 2 weeks back and we're usually very lost when we're in PJ when it comes to food but thanks to the numerous amount of blogs we read plus recommendations from friends plus most importantly armed with not one but two GPS, that really save us!

The first time I heard about Kashmir Cafe was when my ex-colleague informed me that her husband was working there but he has since left. The next time, I read all about it at Marky's. So I googled the address and punch in the road in the GPS and we were good to go. The best part was there was an empty parking lot right in front of the restaurant, what a bliss!

I ordered a Chicken Biryani (RM10) to be shared but later on we added one more portion of the rice (RM8) which on the chit stated Vege Biryani. Gee... we should have ordered Chicken then for the extra RM2 for a few pieces of chicken but I didn't know it until I paid the bill!

Anyway, our biryani was served on banana leaves with the various vegetables and condiments that cost RM3 for both of us. I loved how the vegetable are not fried to death and still retain the fresh green colour. The curried gourd was just so-so but I liked the refreshing cucumber yoghurt. Come to the biryani rice, it's rather fragrant and not overly oily. There were like 6 pieces of chicken hidden beneath the rice plus half piece of hard boiled egg.

Chicken Biryani and BLR vegetables

We were served korma gravy but I find this gravy a little different from the norm, perhaps it's the different kinda spices use which I'm not quite used to so I asked for some dhal curry which came thickish and filled with carrot pieces. Now, this is the kinda dhal curry that rocks as quite a number of those curry houses version are so watered down.

Fish cutlet (RM3), Chicken Varuval (RM5) and Chicken 65 (RM5)

Capt'n Hook went up to the food display and came back with a fish cutlet (RM3), chicken varuval (RM5) and chicken 65 (RM5). Gosh so much chicken LOL... anyway we did enjoy both versions of the chicken especially the chicken 65. The marinade did penetrate through the thick cut of breast meat.


Since it was a Friday I asked for rasam and payasam which the waiter obliged much to his surprise to see Chinese asking for payasam especially. It's Capt'n Hook's favourite! Payasam is usually available on a complimentary basis on Fridays. It's a sweet milk with sago and some noodles strands in there. At times there are cashew nuts and raisins.

I also have a hot lime drink (RM1.50) and Capt'n Hook had mango lassi (RM5.50). So our total bill came up to RM41.30. Sounds like a bit pricey for the portion served and surprisingly the cafe is rather empty on a Friday lunch hour. Other than 2 of us, there were like a total of 5-6 diners during our duration there.

We have to packed our left over rice and a few pieces of chicken. I've asked if they could give me some dhal curry but was told it will cost me RM2 which I decided to give it a pass. Hmmm I always thought dhal curry is complimentary after all we have already spent so much here sighhh but then again prices of ingredients are rising each day, so I do understand. Even my wantan mee has gone up 50 sens and I wonder if it's for Chinese New Year only or it's going to be permanent??

Kashmir Cafe
58 Jalan SS3/31
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 010 777 6622
Click here for map


I'm submitting this for Muhibbah Malaysian Monday blog event. This event is the brainchild of  Shaz (Test With A Skewer) and Suresh (3 Hungry Tummies). Read more here.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about watered-down dhall - I really don't like those. So it's cool this dhall rocks! :D

  2. HI Babe!

    Thanks for the submission, it looks delicious. The chicken varuval is making my mouth water and it has been so long since I had proper briyani, adoi.

    When we last went back, I found the price of eating out had gone up a lot.

  3. I'd like to think that it's only for the CNY, but be prepared for the worst! Heheheh!

    Kong Hee Fatt Choy!

  4. i have never really try on leaves rice these years. think i should really go for it.

    happy CNY and gong hei fatt choy to you and your family :)

  5. Indian food is the best choices to do during CNY esp. for those who dont cook and dont want to pay more for eating chinese food...

  6. Gee I'm not pleased that they're charging RM2 for dhal, but then again maybe it's like a HUGE portion loaded with vegetables (which one would pay RM2 at a chinese chap fan stall anyway), so perhaps semi-justified.

    You should've tried the mutton bone curry, that would've really gone well with the briyani :)

  7. Yalor Kenny, may as well just gimme plain water :p

    Poor Shaz :p and the prices are still going up each day

    Unka, well we have to brave for it ;-)

    Ai Wei, you should :p it's tummy filling

    Reanaclaire, sighhh and fast food... but then again Indian food can be a rather expensive affair if you so decided to be greedy :p

    marky, the waiter did indicate to me the size but seriously after so much we have ate sighh

  8. Happy CNY!!!!!Wishing you Prosperity and Good Health for the New Year. The briyani looks soooooo good. Cant wait to balik kampung!!!

  9. Mmm, banana leaf! Haven't had it since we were in Bangsar last year. Good stuff.


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