Friday, 28 January 2011

Review: Char Siu & Noodles @ Restaurant Yook Woo Hin


Restaurant Yook Woo Hin is more famous for yum char or dim sum session in the morning but did you know that they serve dishes and noodles for lunch? One of the prominent items on the menu is char siu (barbecued pork)! If you're early enough, do ask for char siu thau, literally the head part which is actually the end bits, well, if you're not afraid of blackened charred char siu melded with melt-in-the-mouth fatty bits!!! However this plate here is not that part cos we were there rather late. Glad to say that the char siu is not of the sickly sweet kind.

Char siu

Another must have item is the deep fried wantan. It comes with a bowl of tomato dipping sauce. We loved it the way it is, crunchy and filled with generous minced pork. Not oily at all. There's another must have, boxing chicken (tit kung kai) which we did not order on this particular day. Equally as good.

Deep fried wantan

We have noodles instead of rice. First their signature (jiu pai) noodles which is a stir-fried sang meen (fresh egg noodles which is commonly known as wantan meen). Filled with wok hei (breath of the wok), peppered with diced char siu and loads of cabbage strips. My fave here ;-)

Stir fried Sang Meen

This is the wart tarn hor (Cantonese fried koay teow) which is very very old school. Don't think you can find pork liver slices at other places. Loads of ingredients here too that consist of pork slices, prawns, fish cake slices and choy sum! The eggy gravy is not too thick nor starchy, just nice. BoiBoi lapped up all these.

Wart tarn hor

I can't remember the exact amount but it's around RM30+ for the above and a pot of tea for 3. The noodles portion was individual serving. Not too expensive I would say. If you're around Chinatown, why not give Yook Woo Hin a try.

Restaurant Yook Woo Hin
100 Jalan Petaling
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2078 4681
Opening hours: 6am to 3pm
Closed on Thursday


  1. Sometimes all we need to satisfy our hunger is just some simple stirfry, ya? :)

  2. You were right, I remembered this old school wart tarn hor with pork liver. :)

  3. Yes, exactly the type of place that I love to cover. Rarely can find nice, charming gems like this in PJ huh? Or maybe I'm always searching around the wrong corner.

  4. I love this place and look fwd to my next visit this summer!

  5. I love their Chicken Boxing that comes in the same sweet and sour dipping sauce for your wanton. And the Fried Rice too.

  6. I love their Chicken Boxing that comes in the same sweet and sour dipping sauce for your wanton. And the Fried Rice too.

  7. Love the look of the old school wat tan hor. Even if I'm hardly a fan of pork liver, its presence suggests a league of classic goodness that I really miss!

  8. yeah foodbin not all are nice but I like the jiu pai meen though

    Totally agree with you Kenny!

    LCOM, nowadays stalls don't use liver anymore!

    J2Kfm, do try them when you're in Chinatown but there were so many other distractions kekeke

    yes yes Jon!!!

    ;-) MinChow

  9. Visited this place recently and was a letdown from what I expected.
    No more dim sum by 9.30am and although there were not many customers around, service was slow.

    The young man manning the counter, whom I presume is the next generation boss was neither friendly nor helpful. Was more interested with his notebook surfing than serving customers.


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