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Review: Restoran Venecia @ Casa Venecia, Bukit Idaman, Selayang

**Pork Free**

I was sieving thru my pics and hmmm I haven't posted about Restoran Venecia. Restoran Venecia can be found at Casa Venecia Condominium in Selayang or in Bangsar Puteri Condominium. Since Selayang is nearer, I decided to come here instead to celebrate my Dad's birthday back in March.

It was pouring that evening and was pretty dark. After the security gotten our info, they instructed us on how to head to the restaurant but they didn't tell us like where should we alight. We have the option to get off near a staircase but since a car had blocked the way we got down ermmm at some sort of the back of a shop since it's nearer. Luckily the proprietor was kind enough to let us climb the stairs and walk thru his mini market to reach a foyer. 

From the foyer, we looked around and finally found the restaurant entrance at the top of another staircase. Totally not very friendly for the old folks. The interior of the L-shaped restaurant is quite small and can be claustrophobic as the ceiling is really low. It's not helping when the table cloth are dark green in colour.

As we do not have a reservation, the Uncle who looks like he's the manager here told us to wait 15 minutes as the patrons from one table have just called for the bill. Once done, we sat down. Since I've sniffed at some blogs before coming here, I had wanted to order the sang har (big headed fresh water prawns) meen (noodles) and the signature sang har dish. However, just like the downpour outside, I was disheartened when told there is no sang har available. Mr Manager mentioned that there won't be any too for the time being, he was quite aksyen (snobbish) also by asking us to check Tokyo Seafood Restaurant cos they don't have any too.

Sighh so we just ordered some dishes to go with white rice capping off with a crab dish! The first to arrive is a Dao Gan and Tofu dish that came in deep dish. A typical tummy warming dish of deep fried homemade tofu and dao gan braised with assorted mushrooms, carrots, snowpeas and baby corns.

dau kan and tofu

Loved the Fu Yue Yau Mak (stir fried romaine lettuce with fermented beancurd) here which is full of wok hei.

Mr Manager recommended this Claypot Chicken with Salted Fish. The thickish sauce was great but a pity that too little salted fish was detected here.

Claypot Chicken with Salted Fish

As we only have the crab dish left, Capt'n Hook decided to add on another dish sensing that it might not be enough. He asked for Kum Hiong Lala (stir fried spicy clams). The lala here is big in size, very fragrant and littered with lots of deep fried dried shrimp and curry leaves. My only qualm is I find the curry powder a little over powering.


The pièce de résistance is of course this Salted Egg Yolk Crabs!!! Their version has each piece coated in thick and creamy salted egg yolks... made us licked them clean before devouring the sweet meat. Very finger licking good.

Salted egg yolk crabs

There were 4 adults and BoiBoi at this dinner. We have like 3 bowls of rice and a pot of Chinese tea. I've lost the receipt but I remember it was less than RM150 for the above dishes. Seems pretty reasonable and I can't wait to go again for the sang har dishes but I won't bring my old folks along though. Hmm or maybe I should try their Bangsar branch since Boo_licous (Masak-masak) had mentioned it's better there!

Restoran Venecia (Selayang)
1st Floor, Casa Venecia Club House
Jalan Bukit Idaman 1/3
Bukit Idaman
68100 Batu Caves
Tel: +603-6136 2010
Business hour:
Mon - Thu 12:00p.m - 2:30p.m & 6:00p.m - 10:00p.m
Fri - Sun 12:00p.m - 2:30p.m & 5:30p.m - 10:00p.m

* Reservation is a must since tables are limited. 

Restoran Venecia (Bangsar)
41-02-02, Level 2
Bangsar Puteri Condominium
41, Jalan Maarof
Tel: +603-2094 2010
Open for lunch and dinner. Closed on Tues and Sun lunch


  1. the bangsar branch has been on my to-try list for ages too! although i'm embarrassed to say the reason i haven't gotten to it yet is probably cos it doesn't seem to serve alcohol (and i don't mean beer, heh) :D

  2. LOL Sean BYO???? bottles and glasses!

  3. When I saw the name of the restaurant I thought it would be Italian food! :)

  4. J!!! hahaha hmmm come to think of it, ya hor :p

  5. been trying to locate this Bangsar Puteri Condo but so far failed :(
    maybe I will try googling one more time... wanted to try their sang har too!!!

  6. The food looks promising. I love taukan - that must surely be a "must order" for me!

  7. Agreed with J, I thought they serve Italian food ~~ O.O

  8. leo, it's near Bangsar Shopping Complex. see this map

    PG, me too leh!

    LOL Mimi this one near home, can try!

  9. i saw my fav clams dish ...sumore stir fried spicy clams, cant wait to have a taste on it....thanks for the recommendation!

  10. The Chef has moved to the opposite condo Casa Mila Clubhouse starting this January 2015!! It's known as Tan's Kitchen now >.< After his Sir name... Tasted as good as ever!

    They even have a facebook page for it!


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