Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Review: Can? Hot-Can???

Capt'n Hook and I have the privilege to attend this function at Havana @ Changkat Bukit Bintang to introduce a couple more flavours in the Hot-Can series. What piqued us was this creative aluminium can could actually heat up the contents by just pressing a button at the bottom of the can, give the can a few shakes and you'll have a hot drink right out from the can. Yes, amazing isn't it?

Hot Can

One of the owner and inventor, Dato' Kenneth Kolb spoke on how this concept worked. Seems that Hot-Can has developed a special double chambered aluminum can which contains the beverage in the outer chamber and holds water and calcium oxide (quick lime) separately in the inner chamber. When the button at the bottom of the can is pressed, the water mixes with the quicklime, starting an exothermic reaction that heats the contents of the outer chamber in less the 3 minutes by 50-55°C to give you a piping hot drink.

You can see here that after not long the button is suppressed, white smoke can be seen. This is the reaction of the lime and water. Next you can just leave it and watch the indicator which can turn red when it's really hot. Luckily the sip hole on the can is rather tiny to prevent one from burning their lips or tongue.

Hot Can - Smoke & Indicator

before & after

Hot Choc and Cafe Latte flavours were launched sometime back and this time round we got to taste Mocha. Hot Tea should be out by now as well. You should be able to find it in a supermarket or convenience stores. The Mocha has the right balance of chocolate and coffee, best is the sweetness level which is just nice for me. However the Cafe Latte is too mild in taste for most of us.

Capt'n Hook poured this Hot Choc out for BoiBoi to taste since the drink can get very hot like up to 65°C! Hmm this hot chocolate is just like thick homemade hot cocoa. Nice.

Hot Can - Hot Choc

With this technology, the world of hot beverages just opens up to the possibility of having hot soup straight out from a can and also no surprise when Capt'n Hook asked if sake would be in the pipe line hahaha but sadly it was a NO since Hot-Can is certified halal.

Thank you to Nazeen and Lilyana for this invite.


  1. Wow, I like this idea! In the morning, I prefer my coffee hot especially when we are traveling or on the go.

  2. Lambatnyaaaaa.... :P
    Haha... Just teasing. Anyway, added your link onto my post already. :)

  3. wow...nice hot can...read from fatboybakes post...cool drink!

  4. LCOM, this can will fly off the shelves esp in cold countries! Hopefully they can come up with soup!

    J, remember we have to space out? :p

    vialentino, get the mocha or hot choc when you see them

  5. wow! gonna get it soon. btw, which supermarket or convenience store is selling this?

  6. Food n Travella, you should be able to find this in Cold Storage, Mercato and 7-11 (I think)

  7. good blog, thanks for this information =p

  8. captain hook looked dashing that night! which reminds me.. need to drink up my remaining cans! LOL

  9. Oh this is amazing. I'm going to be in KL next week and the hotel I always stay at doesn't have a coffee pot in the room. I HATE waking up to no hot coffee, so this will be a godsend. Thanks for this!!!

  10. Leo, not sure when it's gonna happen leh

    you're welcome Cara Blog

    LOL thanks Ciki, dun let him kembang weiii!!!

    Oh then this Hot Can will be just the thing for you, Leo Sigh

  11. Hi!

    I am glad you enjoyed the drink :) It was a pleasure meeting all of you after reading you'll for so long! :)

    Good news is.. that soups are on the way! and that Mocha has now hit the Malaysian Markets!


  12. hi babe kl... whr to buy hot can, dint dint see in grocery

  13. hi Pixea, I've seen Hot Can at The Weld's foodcourt at the drink counter @ RM5.90. Mercato Supermarket sells them quite expensive. I was told convenience stores have them as well.


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