Friday, 16 July 2010

Review: McDonald's Limited Time Only GCB

By now, you would have been bombarded by the latest blitz of McDonald's advertisement about their just-launched-yesterday GCB which is actually Great-tasting Chicken Burger! I'm not sure about you but when my colleague, A, showed me the advert on their facebook page I was captivated by the thick and fat juicy burger with loads of fresh lettuce and dripping sauce in between the sesame seeds bun. Can't wait so I arranged to try this for lunch today.

Based on the adverts... this burger is supposed to have GRILLED whole chicken thigh, GORGEOUS iceberg lettuce, GLORIOUS char-grilled sauce within GOLDEN sesame seeds bun!

thigh and sauce

lettuce and bun

This is how GRILLED, GORGEOUS, GLORIOUS and GOLDEN got interpreted in real...


Inside the box GCB is wrapped with waxed paper

How GCB looked like

This is how GRILLED, GORGEOUS, GLORIOUS and GOLDEN got interpreted in real...

Here are more... comparison in size and visual.

Check the size

The real mccoy

Looked kinda pathetic isn't it??? Sighhh we always get suckered into their beautiful ads but yet still die die want to try a bite! Despite errrmmm the shortcomings but I have to say GCB is really delicious. Both my colleagues said the same too. The chicken thigh is not really the entire whole thigh, perhaps just a thin piece from a thigh, marinaded battered and grilled. I liked how it's grilled to retain the juiciness. The flavours were great but a tad high on MSG level since we have to keep on downing water to satisfy our thirst when we were back in the office.

It's not cheap either... burger alone on ala-carte is RM8 and the Medium set which includes a pack of fries and aerated drink will cost you RM11.90 excluding the 5% Government tax. Could have cut down the price by just offering the burger in waxed paper without the paper box. Totally NOT environmentally friendly at all!

Sighhh guess what? We're going again for some GCB next week hahaha we're born suckers, aren't we??!!! Hahaha


  1. Ooh I actually managed to try this yesterday after a movie at midvalley. kinda expected it to taste healthier ... But the packaging was nice. Yeah, it's terrible how the food at these places never look even half as good as advertised ... Though the biggest offender is pizza hut!!!

  2. Hahaha, that looks really tasty! I like McD too even though the food doesnt come as big as in the ads! ;p Been following your blog for ages, love it!

  3. How strange isn't it? A burger combo set here is considered a cheap food, whereas in Malaysia, it is considered a medium range food. I always got a kick when I went back to M'sia and saw the price. But since we used US dollar to spend in M'sia, it was still cheaper than here. Still, when I am in M'sia, I only want local food. :P

  4. i'm currently based in hk and i always order this for my mcd's fix. beats mcchic anytime. yes gcb is a permanent item on their menu! ><

  5. eeeek Sean, I thot the same about pizza hut. visually disappointing, worst is the taste is usually out too! no pizza hut for me!

    Thanks K for the compliments

    LCOM, yea totally expensive to have fast food here!!! i would rather have CKT :D

    Hi Pearly, hmmm I guess they're testing out to see it's viable to make it permanent on the menu

  6. I tried it last Saturday too but I don't really like it. It's too salty ! I'm so disappointed as I'm always a big fans of McD >_<

  7. Wah. Quite expensive!
    .... but at least it looks like a real piece of chicken vs. the processed McChicken patty and McNuggets..
    (Both I love but I know it's probably not healthy... )

  8. high in MSG..? faint.. i can feel the neck tightening already! but the burger looks damn big !LOL

  9. hehehe this burger is now part of HK McD permanent menu and SC always ALWAYS orders this :D

  10. I love GCB.
    But sometimes it depends on the outlet you go to.
    some McD outlets puts in lots of lettuce, and stuff, some don't.
    And if you get your GCB just freshly made, the lettuce won't look so pathetic la.

    The one I had the other day was fine. Lettuce still green and crunchy.

  11. I was forced to try it recently, but I wasn't surprised to see how the actual burger looked like. We all know that their pictures are deceiving anyway. hehe.

  12. That's why in the ads it will have a fine print stating it is for illustrating purpose only, the product might look different from the picture lol.

  13. looks nice....seems like many burgers review trend ah? cause i did for carls junior recently.

  14. Have yet to try this. It's true - ads are usually very misleading!

  15. Anna, seems ok with us

    J hahaha you can see it so well?

    Ciki, "damn" big??? only in close up is it? :p

    Rita, I doubt this will be here permanently, too expensive!

    aisay, like this la Wendy??? It's going to be a while before I go mcd again

    Yes LL but yet we can get suckered into it!

    LOL yes lor Simon!!!!

    But I paid for this myself, vialentino!

    PG, go without any expectations ok

    KY, eeyerr u so easy to satisfied!

  16. i try to get the gps coor of the char siew rice when my 4th visit soon...

  17. thanks ya Vialentino, you not scared of your father in law arhh??? hehehe

  18. yucks the skin is horrid! the rest of it is fine, the sauce te meat but the skin! eeeew!

  19. But it's very very tasty!!!!!

    I heard from a friend who was in the production for the McD GCB ads, he said that the GCB is for Hari Raya, the equivalent of the Prosperity Burger for CNY. They don't want to use the same thing for both.

  20. CH, there is no skin worrr??

    OIC Thanks for the info Kok Hsien

  21. i know GCB is kinda opinions, its kinda salty for me hahaha

    but !!

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