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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 19 February 2010

Review: Nyonya Yue Sang at Peranakan Place


It was already 4 in the afternoon and Capt'n Hook nagged me for not making reservations at Canton-i but hey as far as I know, I don't think they accept reservation. Anyway I googled the number and called numerous times but no one pick up the call. So we left Kepong ahead of my family and head on to 1 Utama hoping to "chup" a place BUT BUT BUT the shutters were down!!! Ohhhh you just dunno how much the old man nagged!!! *roll eyes* and this was the Friday before eve of CNY urrghhh... on closer look at the piece of paper stuck on the shutter... ahhhh they've shut for their annual dinner.

After making a couple of calls later, I picked up a flyer at the reception and saw Nyonya style yue sang (raw fish salad) is served at Peranakan Place which is just a floor up. We decided on this place since we've been there for a couple of times and I think it'll be good to check out their dishes. Moreover, it will be a change from the usual Chinese dishes. Just a word of warning... lousy pics ahead as I need to hurry before the food got attacked.

When we sat down, my family arrived just in time to place our order. We started off with a platter of Nyonya style yue sang which is kinda totally different from the usual Chinese ones. It has portions of pomelo, pickled ginger strips, deep fried yam strips, fresh red onions, raw mango strips and the usual crisps, crushed peanuts and sesame seeds. The sauce is not the usual plum sauce and the oil is already mixed into it. It is served with generous slices of salmon, the thickest and freshest that I've ever eaten! There were white pepper powder and 5 spice powder which seems quite a lot but the staff assured us that we need to add in all into our yue sang. After the customary lou hei, time for a taste. There were mixed review round the table. Capt'n Hook didn't like it as he's a traditionalist. My brother who detest strong sesame seeds oil and raw onion said it's not nice but the general consensus was it was a refreshing change.

Nyonya Yue Sang

Next the dishes started to arrive. A must order in a Peranakan restaurant is Sambal Prawn with Petai! Hmm my favourite but not the best I've eaten.

Sambal Petai Prawns

Since we have tasted their Deep Fried Honey Squid and loved it, we ordered this again. The squid are coated with a sweetish honey sauce and the best part is - it's still crispy! *crunch crunch*

Deep fried honey squid

Stir-fried Paku (a type of ferns) in Sambal Belachan was just mediocre as it's lacking of wok hei (breath of a wok).

Stir-fried paku pakis (ferns) in sambal belachan

Chicken Pong Teh for boiboi... not as great as my version kekeke

Chicken Pong Teh

This tofu dish is also for boiboi. The egg tofu is homemade and came with a thickish eggy mushroom gravy. After this dish I think we'll have to stick with their spicy dishes. Even though I liked sesame seeds oil but this one is overwhelming! All we could taste was sesame seeds oil.

Homeade tofu

I had always like Cencaru Stuffed with Sambal (RM10 for one fish) and will always have them whenever I spot them but this round my mom jumped on the chance and asked for this when I told her it's available. Since they are deep fried instead of shallow fried, the fish turned out very crispy. Excellent! By the way, do removed the skin before eating :D

Cencaru stuffed with sambal

My parents loved their Durian Cendol (forgot to take a pic) that came with large blop of durian puree on top of the shaved ice which looked so enticing that Capn't Hook asked for one too!

Can't provide the price as I did not pay for the meal. Overall, I felt this place is quite ok but definitely not the best but one of the better places in the building.

Peranakan Place
F221C First Floor
One Utama
Bandar Utama
Tel: (603) 77288 728


Sean said...

mmmm, my grandmother in malacca used to make those sambal-stuffed cencaru. gosh, i haven't had them since the early 90s, but i have really fond memories of how delicious they were! yeah, the skin is too hard to eat =)
i'm a non-traditionalist, so i'd love to try that nyonya yee sang. will remember this if i happen to be at 1 utama in the next 9 days

KY said...

waaa looks like there's quite a lot of salmon on the yee sang. niceee!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Yum...the yee sang sure looks good! I'm quite bad at eating fish. I used to get choked on the bones, so rif and my mum avoid feeding me fried fish. *unless the fish has very little bones* =P

Pam said...

Hey, the salmon slices look so fresh and appealing...
Very hard to get in IPoh

Babe_KL said...

but Sean, dun expect them to taste like your gramp's :p

KY, yeah my first time to see thick slices and big volume, we like!

Bangsar Babe, try cencaru, they have big bones dat you wont miss out :D

Tarts and Pie, thanks for coming by. Can add one more fish on your own or not?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Salivating! Especially the deep fried honey squid, looks so darn good.

worldwindows said...

Took my friend from London to my favourite Nyonya Rest. in Seri Petaling. This would be a fitting finale before he goes back!

J said...

Such a pity the paku wasn't good - it's quite hard to find paku as it is, so it's such a waste if it's done badly...

Ciki said...

if it's so, so-so i might give it a miss.. :(

Babe_KL said...

LCOM, yes dat one is good

worldwindow, dats too far for us :p

J, yalor :( sum more we jumped the moment we saw paku

C&C yeah better skip