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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Review: Ina Sambal Udang Pan Mee Goreng

I got this pack of Ina Sambal Udang Pan Mee Goreng by Yugatrade at Jusco. I like Ina's pan meen and yee meen so decided to try this sambal udang version. I can't remember how much but it's a mixed pack of 5 different flavours.

Ina Sambal Udang Pan Mee Goreng - packaging

Inside the packet, it contained the dried noodles, a packet of dehydrated vegetables, a pack of dark soy sauce, a pack of seasoning and a pack of sambal udang.

Ina Sambal Udang Pan Mee Goreng - ingredients

Cooked the noodles according to instructions and poured in all the ingredients.

Ina Sambal Udang Pan Mee Goreng - before mixing

Mixed them up and voila... dinner!

Ina Sambal Udang Pan Mee Goreng - after mixing

Easy peasy. This tasted ok only, perhaps not enough sambal udang. I shall stick with the soupy pan meen which tasted like the real thing especially the ikan bilis soup. The yee meen soup tasted exactly like claypot yee meen, just remember to crack in an egg!


Anonymous said...

Great review of a traditional dish gone commercial!

New Kid on the Blog said...

hahahahaha... am going to try this out!! :)

Selba said...

After mixing it, looks good! :)

Nice texture of the noodles..

Little Corner of Mine said...

I like Ina pan mee and yee mee too, I thought I have something new to try and from your review, guess not.

Taufulou said...

aiks..didnt know that pan mee is in maggie mee version~

Ciki said...

are the noodles the chewy type or the soft kind? i like those that retain their chewiness..

Babe_KL said...

thanks woodman

NKOTB, try the pan meen and yee meen!!!

Selba, yeah not bad but I prefer indomie :D

LCOM, stick with the two

taufulou, macam-macam ada now :p

C&C, it's the bouncy type!

Kenny Mah said...


Perfect when takde real sambal or malas to drive out for pan mee. Instant = good in my kitchen, haha. :P

vialentino said...

this one looks delicious than the indo mee ler....yum yum ....

Babe_KL said...

Kenny, go get the pan meen or yee meen and skip this one :p

vialentino, looks could be deceiving