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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 11 January 2010

Review: iSnack 2.0 is now Vegemite Cheesybite

Vegemite - it's something you either love or hate!!! It's the Australian version of Marmite. Anyway, I had the chance to picked up a small jar of iSnack 2.0 which will be renamed to Vegemite Cheesybite come mid January. The iSnack name stirred up a lot of controversial when it was first introduced. Kraft admitted the name sucks and they ran a contest to rename this product and finally Vegemite Cheesybite was chosen.

So what's the difference? Basically Vegemite or rather Marmite/Bovril which is more commonly available is just an yeast extract which in Malaysia, I know a lot of parents would add on to the rice porridge and feed it to their children. Well, I was one of them... the children part heh!

So this iSnack 2.0 is actually Vegemite with cream cheese! When I first tasted it, I did not read the label. I felt it was buttery and after looking at the label closely yesterday :p I saw the cream cheese part. No wonder the texture is so different from Vegemite. LOL so you see the pic, I actually spread butter on the bread first before the iSnack *roll eyes* lucky it's only a light butter spread.


This version is smooth and velvety. Very easy to spread on the bread and it's not as strong and salty as the original version. I loved it. Not sure if it's available in Malaysia. Will check and let you guys know. I wonder if it will taste all right if I add them to my oats :p

Btw, if you are getting one, try not to get a large bottle unless your entire family loves it. This version need to be consumed within 4 weeks of opening due to it's dairy content!


J said...

oooh. It's definitely one of those love it or hate it sort of foods! :)
(I never managed to acquire the taste for it, despite studying in Oz)

The Travelling Ulcer said...

As tasty as iSnack is, I personally prefer the original Vegemite.

Strange thing, when growing up all I could eat was Marmite. Now, I find it too sweet for my palate.

I sent a small bottle back to my cousins in Penang and I think it was thrown out after their first taste. they thought it has gone bad. haha.

Mel, Australia

Taufulou said...

love it..use to eat it alot when i was a kid..even put a afew scoops into my porridge..:D

Unknown said...

ackkkkk.....i prefer nutella heheheh

worldwindows said...

I like cream cheese and marmite. Its an incredible combination. Hope it is available soon.

Babe_KL said...

J, i totally understood :p

Travelling Ulcer, LOL i find vegemite a tad too salty

taufulou, few scoops? not salty meh?

rita, i love nutella too!!

ww, i will check out later

Pei-Lin said...

I do Vegemite is Aussie. But, it's saltier than Marmite!? Hmm ..., I love Marmite & Bovril! (Think of Marmite chicken, though for the most part, it doesn't taste a bit like Marmite! LOL!)

I should love this new flavor! Creamy ... sounds good to me!


Ciki said...

yarrrks! sounds damn gross.. hahaha.. i guess that makes me the 'hate it' category! LOL

funny, coz i do like brovil!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I LOVE Vegemite! Is this in the market already? Must go hunt it down.

GFAD said...

Mmmm.. love marmite on buttery toast and grilled cheese sandwich!

Have you tried Chicken Bovril in hot water? Like drinking chicken consomme liddat. Sometimes I use it like chicken stock to make vege soup!

Flower said...
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Flower said...

I dont like vegemite but my kids n hb love it very much. I always have vegemite and now cheesybite in my pantry. The only vegemite I can eat is when I buy cheesymite scroll in Baker's Delight. It look like a cinnamon bun, but instead of cinnamon frosting, its cheese n vegemite. Dan lagi satu kat Australia ni diaorg panggil cinnamon bun tu cinnamon scroll.

Babe_KL said...

Pei-Lin, it's good if you already like vegemite :D

C&C, not much difference wor between Bovril and Vegemite. BTW, you dig marmite pai kuat/chicken or not??? keeke

LL, havent got time to check Cold Storage or Village Grocer yet!

Kat, yes yes try Bovril with hot water then add a bit of garlic oil! I also uses them to make beef stew :D

wah flower, sounds like a great idea to finish up my cheesybite quickly!