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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Steamed Minced Pork with Dung Choy


On the night that I made Steamed Chicken with Chinese Sausage, I had this plate of Steamed Minced Pork with Dung Choy (Tianjin Preserved Vegetable) (also known as ching yuk pheng) on the second tray of my electric steamer.

Hahaha I tell ya, it's so convenient and easy to cook these days by just steaming our food. Sometimes, it can get quite healthy and I can cook up to 3 dishes in one go! The best point is... very little cleaning up! The electric steamer is one of our most indispensable electrical appliances in the kitchen now. I could cook rice, a meat dish and vegetables in one go. Save a lot of time and energy, very environmental friendly as well hehe. We also uses it to reheat our food, ohh our poor microwave oven is kinda neglected these days hahaha, cos the steamer moists up the food.

Ok back to the steamed minced pork, all I did was minced the pork together with dung choy in a chopper. Mix in some water (very important*), soy sauce, white pepper, wee bit of sugar and some sesame oil. Place the mixture in heat proof plate and steam until cook. Around 12 minutes in my steamer, or what my mom did is usually just place it onto the surface of just cooked rice in the rice cooker and wait for 20 minutes or so. Just cooked as in the moment one hear the click of the button reset from cook to keep warm.

Steamed Minced Meat With Dung Choy

* As in why it is important to add in some water to the minced meat mixture is the water actually make the steamed meat moist and soft. During my early days of cooking, I never knew I had to add water and I always wonder why my steamed meat come out rock hard. Never bothered to ask my mom too until one day my aunty asked my mom how come her steamed minced meat always come out hard! Hahaha imagine having eaten few years of rock hard steamed minced meat only I found out accidently that I have to add some water to the mixture!


New Kid on the Blog said...

hahahaha... thanks for sharing this tips... mine also like hard rock man!! hahahaha

GFAD said...

I add some cornflour mixed with water. Makes it smoother and moist. I brought back tens of packets of toong choy back with me! Don't like those from China found here - they add stems/barks and garlic in it. :P

Babe_KL said...

NKOTB, yay time for smoother and softer yuk pheng :p

GFAD... ahhh yes I forgot about that, yes I did add some wonder powder :p