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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Review: Spring Garden KLCC


The 3 of us were in KLCC some time back, come dinner time we wanted to eat at Madam Kwan's but just look at the queue!

Queue at Madam Kwans

We went opposite to Spring Garden instead. Spring Garden is branded under Tai Thong group and it's halal.


It has been a while since we last ate here. The entire restaurant was renovated. Previously the colour theme was light which made the place big and airy. Now the place has lots of dark wooden structure and lots of red peppered in. Very updated look indeed.

Spring Garden KLCC

The captain recommended us to take the set dinner, which we picked value set A which is enough for 2 - 3 pax at RM58.80. We could pick from a short list of items, very flexi here which I like. Dinner was served quite fast but prior to that we were given complimentary soup. That day was a herbal soup.

Complimentary Herbal Soup

We have a plate of stir-fried baby french beans, nice and crunchy.

Stir-Fried Baby French Beans

Sweet and sour fish slices that my boiboi likes as the sauce is not too sourish.

Sweet and Sour Fish

An obligatory beancurd dish that have eggy beancurd and beancurd sheets (dau kan).

Beancurd Dish

Some roasted duck which has lovely crispy skin and flavourful meat, however not the best we have eaten.

Roasted Duck

We ended the meal with a chilled longan and sea coconut.

Chilled Longan and Sea Coconut

Overall, the dishes are okay, typical Chinese dishes. Kinda worth the price we have paid for. A place I would return for fuss free dining especially with the kid in tow.

We paid for a pot of jasmine tea at RM7.00 and RM3.00 for wet towel, add in 5% Government tax and 10% service charge, total bill came up to RM79.10. Rice is part of the set.

I checked out last week, Spring Garden doesn't have these sets anymore but more like banquet style kinda sets. I do hope the promo will return again as they're really hassle free and value for money.

Spring Garden KLCC
Lot 413, 4th Floor
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 2166 9881


Ken Wooi said...

nice food!
how i wish i can have them right now.. haha.. =)

JRmy said...

Wow.... the que at madam kwans looks injurious to a hungry tummy.

Ciki said...

looks delicious!

New Kid on the Blog said...

I do quite like the food there... :)
When I hop into KLCC and I can't find any food that I want, I'll just march into this restaurant. Just save all the hassles, right?

thule a.k.a leo said...

with a family.. it's all about convenience right?? I understand :)
that price for a family of 3 is definitely reasonable, considering that u r in KLCC

worldwindows said...

Any place without the crowd is good to eat!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wow, the last time I went there was like 7 or 8 years ago. hehe. I'd forgotten of its existence!

UnkaLeong said...

Aiya, just when I was about to say can go try. Lepas tu I read the last bit of the blog, promo habis.. Heheh

Babe_KL said...

hehe poor kenwooi

yalor Quirky, how to wait?

C&C, not bad la but missing the most important element in chinese cooking :p


thule, yeah totally when the fart still can't partake spicy stuff

worldwindow, ya ya!

LL, actually we haven't step in for many years too until this visit LOL. the kid's too hungry to wait any longer.

Unka, still have others but more lavish ones kekeke

vialentino said...

i miss the food here so much esp the dim sum....since i work in shah alam...really miss klcc food a lot....sighhh