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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Lemon and Passionfruit Gelato

I have some egg yolks after making a pavlova. Most times, I will time it as such I can use the yolks by adding more eggs and turn them into omelette but since I've gotten an ice-cream maker, I use the yolks to make gelato :p instead!

This Lemon and Passionfruit Gelato was created as I go along with the fruits I have in my fridge. I made the base using the basic gelato recipe.

I've chilled the custard mixture in the fridge which helped churning faster! I removed the chilled custard from the fridge and added in the pulp of 3 crinkled passionfruits which is actually not enough to make a full passionfruit gelato. I reckon 7 - 8 passionfruits are needed. I tasted the custard and it's wayyy tooo heavy. The cream taste is too strong. I rummaged in the fridge and found one last lemon and decided to use this. Grated in the zest and pour in the juice of half the lemon. Hmmm still tasted very heavy... see never ever make anything unplanned :p

So I squeezed in the other half lemon and tasted with my fingers crossed. Woohoo finally over came the creaminess taste. Thank goodness the half lemon did save the day, otherwise I'll be stumped! Can't possibily go out and grab anything since it was already way past 10pm when I made this LOL!

Pour custard into ice-cream maker and churn till a thick consistency before chucking into the freezer. The gelato turned out to be fabulous! Tested with the Persimmon and Apple Crumble and surprise surpise they actually went well together ;-)

Persimmon and apple crumble with lemon and passionfruit gelato


sckhoo said...

What I did was to use the yolks to make cabonara.

So, it is always fettuccine cabonara as entre with pavlova cupcake as desert :)

Nice gelato.

qwazymonkey said...

Still looks good and tempting though. Can I have a scoop? Pretty please with cherry on top

Kenny Mah said...

Ooh this looks perfect for the hot and sunny weather we been having lately... I can never make up my mind which sorta gelato I prefer - the richer, chocolatey, nutty types or the refreshing, fruity variety...

I guess I'll have the latter during the scorching day and the former during the chilled-out evenings? (Just need an excuse to have more gelato, haha!)

bab3lov3 said...

yerr..looks so good~ can i have 1 please..

daphne said...

It's 37C here and just looking at your ice cream makes me melt! Esp since you say LEMON AND PASSIONFRUIT! How refreshing!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Bravo! Even making your own gelato, I have not venture into making ice-cream, gelato and sherbet yet.

Babe_KL said...

sckhoo, no carbonara... too rich and fattening :p

qwazymonkey, hv to wait for next batch, this batch finished liau

hey kenny, i felt the same too

bab3lov3, thanks

daphne, i think a sorbet would be better for that kinda heat!

LCOM, you should, you can get very very creative with them and they're not that difficult

Kit said...

Your kid (still one?) is really lucky to have you as a Mum!

Home-made gelato now? Will you venture into making your own sausages one day?

My boy loves sausage rolls that I'm thinking of making my own using high quality sausages (if they exist).

I cringe thinking of all the nitrates etc he's chomping down...

backStreetGluttons said...

we have for years not touched something called gelato, maybe we should afterwards go find one ( or 2)

Babe_KL said...

kittycat, sausages? no la we hardly eat that, it's all right :p

BSG, why lah? you only eat cendol and ABC is it? :p