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Review: Little Lim Penang Pancake

Little Lim Penang Pancake

Few weeks back, we were hunting for some furnitures around Jalan 222 area as it was nearing 7pm, Capt'n Hook decided to swing by Restoran Ahwa Hokkien Mee to have dinner. When we enter the shop, I saw a stall labelled Little Lim Penang Pancake but it was closed. Didn't give much thoughts about it but would be great to be able to taste these ban chan kuih ala Penang style. I've read in blogs that they have unimaginable ingredients like eggs, tuna, cheese etc in them!

When we were done eating, the stall is opened and there were a lot of people crowding around it. We kay poh (busy body) and join in the crowd. Hmmm seems like a lot of them were ordering Penang pancakes and true to what I've read, they do have various combi like peanut butter, chocolate, banana, mayo, ham, egg, meat floss??!!!

Little Lim Penang Pancake Menu
Click to enlarge

Since we already have our dinner, we decided to go for something sweet instead. Boiboi picked his fave stuff peanut and cheese (RM1.90). Capt'n Hook decided to go heavier with egg and peanut (RM1.90). As for myself my fave combi of peanut butter and banana (RM1.90). We sat at the table right in front of the stall and watch the guy did his stuff. He was manning 10 pans whilst the assistant prepares the ingredients to go into the pancakes.

We waited and waited, and waited.... soooo long sighhh. Business was so good and he has only 10 pans! Capt'n Hook, being a business development person, he observed and gauged that he would need to add additional 6 - 10 more pans to cope with the orders as quite a few customers came and rush him for their orders. As usual threats like cancelling orders also came around.

Anyway, our order only arrived after 20-25 minutes. Here are the 3 pancakes...


Mine was GOOD! The peanut butter sort of melted and flowing about in the pancake. Crushed peanuts topped the banana slices, there is nothing more that I could ask for on the crispy pancake. It was really a messy affair kekeke.

Peanut Butter Banana (RM1.90)

Capt'n Hook and I felt his combi just doen't work for us. The egg is slightly over cooked and it doesn't compliment the crushed peanuts. No pics of boiboi's pancake as he scorfed it down quickly with bits and pieces of pancake plus peanuts flew all over the table as he bites of them, thank goodness we were sitting by the road side.

Egg and Peanut (RM1.90)

Little Lim Penang Pancake
Restoran Ahwa Hokkien Mee
Jalan 222
Petaling Jaya

Restoran Lai Kong
Sunway Mentari
(opposite Sunway Pyramid)

Tel: 016-4074 901
email: littlelimpg(at)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. OMG *squints at menu* ... some of those combinations sound quite salah! Haha...

  3. I love eating the egg and peanut pancake in Kwai Lock, Pulau Tikus.

    Now that there is one here, I can get my fix more often. Thanks for the info babe!!

  4. J, u think the same too? :p

    Babe, more so for you since you liked the hokkien mee there ;-)

  5. mine personal favourite in Penang remains the Aki Pancake @ Super Tanker food court.
    nothing comes close, really.

  6. My pick would be the same as yours hands down... peanut butter & banana is a combination of the gods! OK Jln 222, got it... wonder if I'd escape the crowd if I swing by earlier, like around 5PM?

  7. Ahh..saw this stall but like u, it was after dinner by the time he opened. Really miss this pancake..ala Pg bachan kueh!

  8. i had penang pancakes last weekend but it was different from yours... this (ur pic) looks like apam balik :)

  9. J2Kfm, NOTED hehe must check out next time

    oh no minchow!!!! the stall opens only like close to 8pm!!!

    LCOM, it's hard to replicate this crispy type at home huh?

    TNG, ya ya sighh wished dun need to wait so long!

    leo, this is another type :D

  10. After Christmas Little Lim Penang pancake
    Will be opening soon, at Restaurant Unlimited 78, Jalan ss14/2,
    Subang Jaya.

  11. It has reopen in Subang SS14


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