Monday, 23 November 2009

McD's Prosperity Beef Burger is Back!

Just a quick community message, if you're fan of black pepper sauce coated beef patty on a bed of raw onion in between sesame seeds buns, it's time to hit the I'm Lovin' It place :D

Mcd Prosperity Burger

McD's Prosperity Beef Burger is back! It's sooo satisfying to sink in to one ;-)

Mcd Prosperity Beef Burger

Wished the Twister Fries is a permanent item on the menu though!

Mcd Twister Fries

Oh yeah, it was just too fantastic that this is available for McValue Lunch for only RM9.95, 12 - 3pm everyday! *skipping and hopping to McD*


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  2. That is prob something that I would spurge my calories on! I so miss this burger.

  3. good. with this cheap promo lunch, can safely indulge without guilt.
    hehehe .. still, miss when they served them with jasmine green tea.
    sure beats the fizzy drinks.

  4. my hubby will be thrilled ..... he has it almost every day the last time, and put on 5kg as a result. no kidding .....


  5. I wasn't too thrilled with it the last time I had I'm not craving it now.

  6. I think the original was called McRib. Can't remember whether it was beef or pork. Anyone can fill in on that one?

  7. Ooooh I likey... I likey... I prefer the beef one so much more than the chicken.

  8. My goodness! It's back!!?? Wow! ... But, have never been a big fan of McD anymore ... fast food in general ... Thanks for the heads-up though.


  9. Droooooool , now if only they do it in the OINKoink variety. Really prosperous!

    (c) Mr Porky

  10. I guess I can only try it if I go back around the time of CNY?

  11. Musttt resissttt caloriesss.... *futile*
    (MMmmm... love that burger. I guess I know what I'm having for lunch today. Haha...)

  12. darn! I can't eat beef... normally I'd eat the chicken prosperity burger that follows not long after the beef is out!

  13. 9.95???? wow!! the last i remembered, this burger could cost 20pls for a double patty!

  14. I love the twister fries!!! Can I just had the fries?? lolz

  15. I always love the fries than the burger :)

    Burn Belly Fat

  16. daphne, oz doesnt hv this version at all?

    J2Kfm, ya ya i like the tea too, hoipefully this CNY they'll have it

    celine, really? 5kg??? gosh haha hey i din know u hv a new blog, thanks for informing

    nate n annie, where did you try it?

    KongKay, no idea leh

    Frat, i agree wid u, black pepper sauce goes very well with beef but not chicken version

    ;-) Dodol n MOchi

    Jules, maybe can make our own??

    LCOM, hopefully promo will still be on ;-)

    kekeke J, the force is very strong on this one

    Family First, errmm just 2 mths to go

    KY, come lets make our own

    ouch, dats really too bad Leo cos the beef tasted better ler :(

    ya ya Joe!!! so now u can buy 2 sets during lunch time!

    JC & Mari, i loved the fries too!

  17. Wow, you are so fast to grab one. :) I don't take beef, so will wait till the chicken prosperity to come soon.

  18. ohhh... such a big bite... you must have perfect teeth.

  19. aww what a pity Little Inbox cos the black pepper sauce goes very well with beef instead of chicken

    flower, balik makan sekarang!!!

    Quirky, not mine but Captn Hook's hehehe


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