Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Review: Kedai Makanan Mun Wah Hokkien Mee


This place, Kedai Makanan Mun Wah Hokkien Mee at Jalan Maharajalela need no introduction. It's one of the older institution that sells black Hokkien Mee in Kuala Lumpur. Despite numerous visits, I have yet to blog about them cos I could never get good pics until recently when we got seated right below their lit signboard... ahhhh better light at last hehehe. Well you can choose to sit inside the shoplot but most people usually sit along the five foot way or by the road side, very typical of us Malaysian.

Hokkien Mee

The hokkien mee here has enough wok hei (breathe of the wok), lots of ingredients ranging from pork slices, squid, pork liver and of course pieces of deep fried crunchy lard! Taste wise is above average as I find Thiam Sang is way better. Now, forget about the hokkien mee this time round and concentrate on this plate of Deep Fried Squid (Calamari)...

Deep Fried Calamari

Looks quite pathetic or not?? The calamari rings looked skinny and oily BUT I tell ya they're wonderful! I haven't eaten such style for a while. Mun Wah's deep fried squid is uber crispy, the batter is not soaked in oil! We were crunching on them till the last bite, best dip into the accompanying tangy chili sauce.

We also have a plate of greens, stir-fry romaine lettuce with fermented beancurd (fu yue yau mak) to go with all that.

Fu Yue Yau Mak

Whoops I've forgotten the prices but rest assure you, they won't break your bank!

Kedai Makanan Mun Wah Hokkien Mee
155 Jalan Maharajalela
50150 Kuala Lumpur


  1. at 1st glance, the squids did look pathetic though. but your descriptive rants had me sold.
    me no fan of Hokkien Mee, esp those dark, starchy type.

  2. one of those places that i really want to try but havent got a chance because of the opening hours. by the time the clubs in bkt bintang close, mun wah's helpers already started stacking their chairs d. :(

  3. My favourite place for early dinner when I have meetings in Brickfields (not that it is on the way ;-)

    Greasy goodness thanks to the generous dose of pork lard used. And the crunchy sotong and cabbage gives it some different textures. Definitely on my top 10 best places to eat.....

  4. Wow, certainly did not expect the raves for those drippy looking calamari rings! But I'm sold!

  5. I miss this place Hokkien mee. Been years since I last had them. You are making me craving for it now :(

  6. never had chance to try out - parking always a nightmare around there.

  7. I miss this dark and fat noodle Hokkein mee. Must eat when we go back!

  8. Sob would you believe Mr Porky aka ME has never been there!

    Cheers from Hungary...

  9. This is so near my office, but haven't been there in ages. They're still packing in the crowds, I notice.

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  11. The hokkien mee looks devoid of lard wor...maybe that's why it's not so nice! =P

    I didn't try Thiam Sang, but their branch (Ah Wa's Hokkien Mee) is still decent by my standard la...

  12. breathe of wok.. yumz! but need more animal fat i suppose :P

  13. i agree!
    I like theirs better than most!

  14. My favourite place for hokkien mee ;)

  15. Nate n Annie, I think this place is gas, charcoal one is over at Chinatown

    J2Kfm, i think only KL ppl like black coloured food :p

    Nic, go b4 clubbing!

    KY :p

    definitely one of the better places in KL, Jon

    minchow, i guess we cant judge a book by its cover

    ICook4Fun, awww sorry. you can cook this right? else search for the recipe in my blog

    Quirky Msia, it wasn't really a problem at night, only day time it's problematic. you can park at the shops same row as cafe cafe

    LCOM, ahhh a true Msian :D

    :o Jules, come let's go makan here when u come back

    LL, yes they do

    Anna, i will email you later ok.

    Babe, got lards inside la, all hidden up :D

    C&C, kar liew!!!

    TNG & unka leong, ahhh both speak the same language hehe ;-)


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