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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Menu For Hope 4: 3 More Days To Go

Dear readers,

Total raised so far is $43,115.00, quite far from last year's US$62,925.12! You have 3 more days to go to buy your raffle tickets for Menu For Hope 4. Every USD10 will earn you a bid for the prizes and pledges gathered by the international food bloggers.

I'm pretty glad that there were quite a number of bids for the 3 items that I've put up. I did a quick check of the number of bids for them. As of now the count stands at:

AP21 10 Set Dinners from Zuup - 4 bids
AP26 Babe_KL's Homemade Choc Chips Cookies - 8 bids
AP37 RM500 Dining Voucher from Elcerdo - 16 bids

Come on, I'm sure we can do better than this! We are hoping to generate at least 20 bids per item, so please help us feed the children.

To all my friends and readers whom have donated, a simple 'Thank You' would be an understatement for the magnanimity. Being a person who believes in 'paying forward', may you be blessed with abundance and may all your obstacles be pacified so that you will continue this journey for the highest good!

Kindly refer Menu For Hope 4: Prizes and Pledges and Menu For Hope 4: Kick-off for further details.

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