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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Cupcakes Topped With Banana Crunch Cereal

Cupcake topped with Banana Crunch Cereal

Sorry, another quick post to tide things over. Been tremendously overloaded with work and will be in the same situation till the next week, hopefully *keep fingers crossed*

The above cupcakes were made with the basic recipe then topped with my fave Post's Banana Crunch Cereals. Funny that simple topping like this could win my man's heart ;-)

Keep checking here as I've something on for this year's Menu for Hope 4. Yeah it had officially started but I'm still dragging my feet on it! I promised to get it up by tomorrow.

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wmw said...

Hey, I bet I would love these cupcakes...;O)

Ms One Boobie said...

Yums..!! i love..!

daphne said...

I want one!

Unknown said...

can i assume that your man finished the very last crumb? Maybe I should beat him up when I see him at KH the next time hehe... so that he will remember that you've got test bunnies in the office to feed too

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yum..btw rgding that aggregator, hes doing his thang having ur posts up as if its his although in the corner contributing the effort to guys ok with it 1 ar?

Kenny Mah said...

Looks really yummmeeee.... ;)

Sugar said...

I love post's banana crunch cereals too, very very much. The cupcakes must have been superb! :)

sckhoo said...

i assume you topped the cereal before baking them, right?

i have all the ingredient in the kitchen now. will definitely try this weekend.

maybe post pix to you too.

thanx for the fantastic muffin idea

Babe_KL said...

hi all, yeah it's my first experiment by topping cupcakes with cereals and it yield such wonderful result.

hehe yozora, neh that night you have your share at the groom's place. made them the same time.

joe, i've replied u elsewhere. i definite do not agree to him doing it.

yeah sckhoo, just crush up the cereals a little before topping them. remember to put a lot and pack it down a bit.

sckhoo said...

hi babe,

i did a batch of those banana crunch muffin last sunday, it turn out great.

i used the base muffin recipe from Nigella's book. and i did pack it into the filling before baking them.

it taste fantastic right after the baking process, but the cereal turn soggy after couple of hours.

but my family and colleagues in office love it.

thanx for the tips.