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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 21 October 2005

SHF#13: The Dark Side

This month's Sugar High Friday is the 13th installment which is hosted by Kelli of LOVESCOOL. Since this is the first anniversary edition, Kelli had picked dark chocolate as the theme in contrast with the first edition where white chocolate was the theme. SHF has gone a long way since Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess started it. Check out what cooked up the past one year here.

Actually I was like hesitating in participating cos I've hardly have any time to cook up anything these days. What more when my boiboi was sick the whole of last week. So that explained why there are more outside food review recently hehehe... Anyway, I found a simple (yeah "simple" is my middle name kekeke and "easy peasy" is my other nickname) recipe in where I can cheat my way out.

I've made Pain au Chocolat, apparently a French bakery favourite. It's merely chocolate wrapped in puff pastry. Got the recipe here by Debra F.Weber but I did it according to my way. Of course I've used frozen puff pastry, otherwise there won't be any entry by me. Substituted the chocolates with dark ones. Cut up dark chocolates into pieces and rolled out pastry. Cut the pastry where the height was enough to cover the chocolate pieces. Placed one piece of chocolate on the edge of pastry and rolled up tightly, completely enclosing the chocolate piece.

Placed the rolls on a baking sheet, seam side down. This is very important cos I didn't really heed this and some of the pastry puffed up on the side. Not a very pleasant sight okay but still tasted the same plus guinea pig didn't complain. Brushed with egg wash and sprinkle with some sugar. Baked in pre-heated oven until golden brown.

Yeah it was that easy. Thanks Kelli for hosting.

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