Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Review: La Manila Cafe

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This is La Manila Cafe in Mid Valley Megamall, which started off as a bakery in Taman Megah. Many years later, they opened a cafe. I think that one was in Taman Tun Dr Ismail but I'm not really sure. Anyway, hubby discovered this cafe serves super delicious Char Kuey Teow (CKT) when he worked in that area some years back. He took me there and I was hooked.

Their rendition is really smashing, huge prawns and loads of cockles, cooked to perfection. Please do ask for the spicy version. The chili does give an extra kick to the CKT. I've tried the non-spicy one which is kinda bland, well maybe because I'm so used to spicy version and my tongue got picky. This is what a mother need to sacrifice so that her kid get to have some food off her plate hahaha. I'm sure a lot of mommies or daddies will relate this. These days I have to order boiboi friendly food, otherwise ordering a portion just for him is just too much.

This is how the sinfully delicious CKT (RM8.50) look like. Don't you wished you're sitting at La Manila Cafe eating a plate now?

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Ordered a Chicken Lasagna (RM9.00) for boiboi to be shared with me. Taste wise it was good but I feel there is a lack of lasagna sheets in there. Too much sauce and cheese but my boiboi liked it and ate half the portion.

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This is Soursop with Peach syrup ice dessert (RM5.80), I think that's roughly the name but I'm not sure since hubby got boiboi to picked up this one via the picture on the menu. It's actually shaved ice topped with soursop, jelly, nata de coco, colourful large sago pearls, biji selasih and peach flavoured syrup. I like the shaved ice texture here unlike most hawker centre's version. The ice is very finely shaved and had loads of ingredients in there especially soursop. The 3 of us finished this up in no time.

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This cafe sell lovely and sinful cakes and brownies. I like the blackforest cake plus most of their cheesecakes. In fact I prefer their cheesecake more than Secret Recipe. If you happen to be around one, check it out yourself. Their HQ is over at Taman Megah (sorry don't have the address) and the other branch we always frequent is at Taman Tun Dr Ismail which I don't have the address either but it's same row as OPSM Optical.

La Manila Cafe
Mid Valley +(603) 2283 2122

Prices stated above exclude the 5% Government Tax and 5% Service Charge.


  1. We have one La Manila Cafe in Penang too but have never been tempted to go in. After seeing the dessert photo and your comparison of their cheesecakes to Secret Recipe's, we may just try out this place soon...

  2. you must check it out kittycat, remember to feedback ok

  3. What I know is that La Manila had 3 branches. 2 in PJ and 1 in Ampang. The one in Ampang was at a corner of the shop lots near ISKL. Really small and cosy. Now it's in Ampang park. It was my family's favourite cakehouse way back before SR. The owner makes the cakes fresh and sends them to these three branches and did not really plan to go big. My cousin used to buy cakes from the branch in PJ which was the HQ i think. Anyway, if anyone notice,SR is a lot similar to LM... all the lasagna and pastry looks the same. My cousin said,someone from SR worked at LM, but LM didn't want to go big so tehre you go, SR born. Long time ago LM didn't have 'the original one' under its logo name.... I'm not really sure how true it is but teh story kinda matches... Then after that of course SR came up with more choices and more dinamic. Anyway, We all love LM's Toffee Bannana, Blueberry Cheesecake (the older version without the nuts but whipped cream is nicer), and Chocolate Supreme and the corn beef is delicious (Dunno if they still have this)... The menu is a bit different and has more variety now.

  4. Wow, I like Aura's feedback, so detailed!

    Anyway, I went to La Manila Taman Megah finally, and really enjoyed the makan there!!


    Cheers :-)


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