Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Review: Seng Kee Chinatown

**Non-Halal Post**

Who haven't heard of Seng Kee in Petaling Street area??? Hands up! Wahhsehhh how could you now heard of them??? They have been around for ages (20-30 years perhaps??) along Jalan Sultan hawking along the errr rat infested (then lah) five foot way. Ehhh... fret no more!!!! They have their own shoplot now, air-conditioned one some more!! The last few years they have used Nam Heong Chicken Rice shoplot at night but on my recent visit, I was surprised that they have their own shoplot finally. However, cooking is still done up front on the shoplot next door.

Look at the spanking new and clean shoplot.

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We ordered the famous claypot loh shue fun (a type of rice noodle). This is a must have order by the way. Almost every table have one pot! Best part, the order came faster than when you ordered at McDonalds! No kidding!!! The moment we ordered till the pot reached our table was like 3 minutes!!!! The noodles are lashed with a delicious minced pork meat gravy, topped with a raw egg and chopped spring onions before serving. You can opt not to have the egg but the egg actually thickened the gravy and made the noodles smoother. The other must have noodles is the the siew yoke meen - wantan noodles topped with crispy fried roasted pork and garlic. Superb!

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We ordered a side dish of 5 pieces of yong tau foo (assorted fish paste stuffed beancurd and vegetables). I loved Seng Kee's style as they're the authentic Hakka (a Chinese clan) way of doing it where the yong tau foo are cooked in bean paste sauce. Heh the same way as my mom's yong tau foo. They have many other delicious dishes to go with warm rice but that's another story altogether.

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Do pop by for dinner at Seng Kee Chinatown Restaurant. Aiks I don't have the address or number... it's just down Jalan Sultan after Popular Book Shop or opposite Shanghai Bookstore/Southern Bank. Oh dear, I also forgot how much we paid for our meal.

You can park your car at the errrmmm torn down Jik Sin Thong (funeral parlour hehehe) but the facade is still being held up with planks. Hehehe so far no funny sound or happenings experienced! Good luck :D

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