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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 2 November 2004

Trip to the Beach

We made a trip to the beach recently. It's my boiboi's first trip to a beach actually. We picked Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan (PD) since it's the nearest beach from Kuala Lumpur, roughly about one and a half hour drive from our home.

This time we stayed at Guoman Port Dickson Resort instead of Avillion Port Dickson cos the rate of a water chalet had escalated sky high. RM500 plus a night is certainly not worth it unless it's a romantic outing haha... just to let you in why is that so, each room in the water chalet has a Pangkin (day bed in Malay) about the size of Queen sized bed and a very very spacious bathroom with an open air shower section and a separate bath tub. Ooooo I missed Avillion!

Anyway, we have lots of fun. The moment we arrived and dumped out stuff in the room, we headed to the beach.

It's high tide at late afternoon. Since PD is not famous for nice and clean beach, well we made do. The sands are errrr very compact and coarse maybe due to some construction at this particular beach 2 years back. Boiboi had tremendous time scooping and scraping the sands to make sand castle, well more like destroying them haha. I think his daddy had lots of fun too.

Here are some pictures taken around the resort.

And I leave this photo as my last. It is a normal reaction for a boy to immediately climb a tree when he see one??? Well, my boiboi did. This was his first reaction I managed to capture the moment he saw this coconut tree. Goshhh we lived in the city and there isn't any tree for him to climb back home haha...

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