Monday, 22 November 2004

Taro Rice Serves With BKT

With the long weekend, some of us decided to do a potluck at my place. We were supposed to buy all our food since most of us have a child to handle, hence, it was kinda hard for the mummies to cook heheh... As we were planning what to buy, I've got this SMS from Satine one evening. She was supposed to bring fried chicken but when she told Mr Clown (her hubby hehehe :p) about the potluck, a very brilliant Mr Clown suggested to her to bring Bak Kut Teh (BKT in short which is pork meat and innards cooked in herbal soup) instead. Since they lived near Klang, the capital of BKT, they will pack the BKT from this famous shop before coming over.

With that it spring into an entire different menu, thanks to Mr Clown *clap hands*

We were discussing what kinda rice suitable to go with this BKT and 3 types of rices came to mind - plain white rice, nasi minyak (oiled rice) or taro rice. Errr... I volunteered to try my hands on taro rice since I checked the recipe and it seems simple. So taro rice it is then!

Taro also known as yam with the Asian community. It's a tuber suitable to cook sweet or savoury dishes. It can be found in Taro Cake also popularily known as Yam Cake, a type of savoury cake made of rice flour. It's also a must have in bubur cha cha, a sweet soupy dessert made of sweet potatoes and taro in coconut milk. I've made some bubur cha cha 2 days later as I've got extra taro. Well, wait for the write-up.

I followed the steps in this recipe but definitely not on the ingredients and the amount of ingredients used. I've used dried shrimps, dried chinese mushroom, taro and rice. For the seasonings, it's basically oyster sauce, dark soya sauce and just a wee bit of salt. Oh yeah, I've added loads of deep fried shallots which did wonders to this dish. The aroma was just so nice whilst it was cooking in the rice cooker. Since it was my first attempt and according to the recipe, I need to add one extra cup of water in there. Urrrghhhh I think, no, not think, I added more water than necessary!!!! So the rice came out way too mushy and wet but the taste was OK. Errr... or was it that my guinea pigs were just too courteous to me hahahaha...

Here's a close up of the rice...

Anyway, those were the leftovers cos 2 couples can't make it on that day. We've got so much rice left in the cooker!! Pardon for the poor lighting and camera skill.

Oh yeah, can't show you guys the BKT and the side dish yau char kwai (deep fried crullers which is readily available at the market) cos those guinea pigs wallopped everything so fast!!!!

Thanks to Dafthamsta for sharing the BKT cost with Satine.

Thanks to Miss Sweet 16 for bringing the delicious Carrot Cake from Secret Recipe and helping non-stop in drinking up the Gingko, Bean Curd and Barley Sweet Soup else we'll be having that for the next 2 days!!

So, whose place is next huh??? hahaha...

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