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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 8 November 2004

Something Fishy?

I was in Pulau Pangkor (Island in Malay) sometime last month. Mention this island errr, satay fish will usually popped into mind hahaha. Gosh it's ridiculous but it's true. No one leave this place without packages of this delicacy.

However, this time round I did not get the satay fish (crispy deep fried fish snack sometimes spice up with chili). I got these fishy snack instead. It's my first time encountering such roll. They have both fish and sotong (squid in Malay). I bought the fish one. One large pack contained 2 smaller packs and it costed errr I think less than RM10.

Came in one long strip rolled into circular rounds. It's really crispy and tasted good. Salty with a tinge of sweetness from the soya sauce I reckon. As one ate on, a hint of spiciness hits the tongue. It's very very addictive!!!

I've gotten this snack from this shop...

Some shots taken at Pulau Pangkor...

The jetty over in the mainland, Lumut (literally translated moss in Malay haha fancy a town call Moss??)

The beach is nothing spectacular over at the place I stayed.

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