Wednesday 11 July 2012

Review: Little XiGong Restaurant (Sai Gong Tzai) @ Taman Kepong


We have passed by this crowded restaurant a couple of times and was just wondering what's the fuss since the place was rather new. I just know why when the first review came in by Ivy. Her pictures really made me salivate and can't wait for the right occasion to bring my parents. We finally made it there and upon entering the restaurant, my mother declared "hey this is Sai Gong!".

The next thing we know, the guy who came to take our order was an all too familiar face. He confirmed that this shop belonged to the younger of 2 sons of Sai Kong (Kepong Baru). I guess the older son must be helming the wok at Sai Gong (Menjalara)! Knowing that we're in for a real treat!!!

Little XiGong

At 7.00pm, the corner lot restaurant which also uses the space of the chicken rice shop called Popeye o.O was filled to the brim. Luckily we managed to secure a table at the 5 foot way in front of Popeye. We put in our oder and sad to say we waited about 40 minutes before dinner was served. Shouldn't gripe since it's peak hour plus the place is full.

First dish recommended was 3 Cups Chicken (RM33) but Little XiGong's version is totally different. There weren't any Thai basil but instead curry leaves were used. Not the usual taste of 3 Cups Chicken but this was good though. Everyone dug into the claypot with gusto.

3 Cups Chicken

We next have a wok-hei (breath of the wok) full of 4 Heavenly King (RM12) which on that day consisted of four angle beans, brinjals, ladiesfingers and long beans fried in sambal belacan. Our main issue was how come there isn't any petai (stink beans)? :p

Four Heavenly King

The next order sighhh seems of be our standard order now to suit BoiBoi's love of Sweet & Sour Fish (RM33). Almost all our dai chow meals would have this dish >.< The garoupa was perfectly deep fried - crispy on the outside whilst the flesh inside remained moist and tender. Even though most places use not-so-fresh fish for deep frying but over here, it's fresh! The sweet and sour was balanced out all nicely in the tomato based gravy.

Sweet & Sour Garoupa

Can't resist to order the signature tofu dish (RM13) shown in the banner but not sure why they don't look the same when arrive on our table hehe. Anyway, everyone liked this... well cos it's deep fried obviously. The sifu chef in the family (the mother, not me!) claimed that the tofu was mashed up and mixed with meat, steamed before cutting into fingers. There are several uniqueness in this dish with one, the tofu fingers were dipped in a thickish batter before being deep fried. The batter was light and crispy... and one can hear the crunch as you bite onto them. Secondly, the sauce which made up of something lemony which I know it's not using fresh lemon but most likely prepared lemon sauce and the sauce was laid at the bottom of the plate instead of being poured all over the tofu. Thirdly, together with the sauce there's a mixture of raw onion slices and cucumber strips PLUS deep fried butterflied ermm some sort of ikan bilis. This was served with housemade chilli sauce on the side plates. Are you salivating yet?

Little XiGong Signature Tofu

We were keeping our fingers crossed when we ordered the crab dish as the man said not sure if the crabs have arrived urgggh and the thing is... he didn't come back to update us until we asked him after all our above dishes arrived. So happy when he said yes and the dish is coming soon!

Again we played safe by ordering the signature crab dish with a coconut milk gravy. We asked for 2 crabs (RM91). When it arrived on our table, everyone went oooo wahhhhh lol. Visually the crabs are very pleasing. Seems like a totally different interpretation of "lai yau" (buttermilk)... the gravy have a nice coconut milk fragrant where the curry leaves boosted it more. Then there's addition of onions and tomatoes which lighten up the gravy and giving it a slight tang. If you look at the plate closely, you'll noticed there's a small trail of chilli oil for the hot kick.

Little XiGong Crabs in Coconut Gravy

Everyone gave thumbs up to this crab dish. They have totally nailed it! There were ample gravy to be mopped up with mantou which we did not order as we're very full already by the time the crabs arrived. If we're returning, this would be on our must-have!

There were 6 adults plus BoiBoi, we have a pot of Chinese tea and 4 plates of rice and the total bill (shown below if you know how to read Mandarin) added up to RM177! Very reasonable I would say. I guess the next time, we are going to make our way here by 6.30pm and would keep our fingers crossed that food would arrive faster.

Little XiGong Bill

Little XiGong Restaurant
23, Jalan Development
Taman Kepong
52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: +6 012-303 6645 or +6 012-303 4466


  1. I also attracted by the crab when reading Ivy's review, think I should come here for my crab's craving :P

  2. OMG the food displayed on your post looks heavenly.

  3. The crabs looks to die -for and the prices are reasonable :).

  4. That crab looks completely irresistible. My mouth is watering just when I look at the photo, but I can imagine how tasty it is!

  5. yummy, i really love how they prepare their dishes over here. especially the crabs!!! omg, seriously fat and juicy and most importantly, Fresh!!!
    will return too! hehe (nex time will book a table first before heading, or else, it's really difficult to secure a table >.<)


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