Monday 19 March 2012

Review: Breakfast @ Cameron Highlands Resort

Our 2 nights stay at Cameron Highlands Resort (CHR) includes 2 complimentary breakfasts for both mornings. It was also a nice and kind gesture that when we looked at our bill upon checking out that they did not charge BoiBoi's breakfast.

Breakfast is served at the table cascade style here meaning The Dining Room serves tea/coffee and real freshly juiced fruit juices followed by a basket of baked goods, fresh fruit and yoghurt while waiting for your hot items that you can order from the menu to be cooked. This is a luxurious breakfast at its best indeed. Best while browsing the newspaper on a lazy weekend.

Towering Fruit Pieces


Freshly squeezed orange juice, real butter with plus point of serving both salted and unsalted and choices of orange marmalade, strawberry jam and mango jam.

On Day 1:


Bakery Basket contained buttery croissants, fluffy banana muffins and a buttery danish roll.


BoiBoi's Two Eggs Any Style of bull eyes fried eggs served with beef bacon, breakfast sausage, sauteed mushrooms, stewed tomato, fried farmhouse bread and hash brown.


Capt'n Hook requested for Omelette with the additional accompaniments from Two Eggs Any Style. The omelette has aged brie, smoked salmon and chives.


I had Free-Range Eggs poached and served with macaire-style potato croquets with wild mushrooms and hollandaise sauce but not sure why I had the rest of the accompaniments as the Two Eggs Any Style. I liked how the eggs are poached here without using the help of cling wrap and nary a hint of vinegar. Luckily the hollandaise sauce is light, otherwise I would have a hard time to finish up.


We shared an absolutely fluffy buttermilk pancakes layered with apple compote, crisp pineapple fritters laced with honeycomb nougat and thick double cream o.O

Day 2:


Today's Bakery Basket has the croissants, danish and chocolate chips muffins.


BoiBoi asked for bull eyes again for his Two Eggs Any Style.


Capt'n Hook repeated his order as well.


I requested for the omelette without anything else otherwise it's a struggle to finish my breakie. Loved the creamy brie and generous douse of smoked salmon.



For sweets, this round we tried waffles filled with warm banana butterscotch, topped with strawberry compote, king island cream, and cinnamon crusted mango tempura. Whoa what a mouthful!

If you can't live without noodles for breakfast, there's a choice of noodles of the day, so ask the wait staff, on day 1, I spied the next table had mee goreng (fried noodles).

When it comes to food, YTL group really know their thing, just like the Sunday Masquarades @ Shook! filled with gourmet food and champagne. Looking forward to more luxurious experiences with YTL group ;-)

Thank you Capt'n Hook for the posh birthday bash :x

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  1. I love the eggs benedict here. Always order this when we're at CHR ;)

  2. yum to the buttermilk pancakes. i think i wouldn't wanna share that, heheh :D

  3. Indeed the egg benedict here is lovely Baby Sumo. You're so lucky to come here so many times :D

    Hahahaha Sean, if I did not have the savouries, I think I don't wanna share too :p

  4. Although the breakfast not a buffet style but it satisfying enough :)

  5. Choi Yen, I prefer such leisurely breakfast as compared with buffet hahaha hate the lines


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