Tuesday 20 March 2012

Cameron Highlands 2011: Mossy Forest & Gunung Brinchang Lookout Tower

This trip to Cameron Highlands is basically just a chill out kind with nothing pre-planned, we went as we pleased as the day unfolds. One of my ex-colleague had just returned from Cameron Highlands and I saw some unfamiliar places on his photo album. I asked him where about the places and he told me it's towards Gunung Brinchang and the Lookout Tower.

There was once we tried to access here but our car got stuck in the slippery bank when we let another vehicle passes us by. So we never attempted to continue the journey as it was rather narrow and bumpy. This time round with a 4WD, Capt'n Hook was more confident. Since we were already at Sg Palas' Boh Plantation, heading here was easier. There was a branch off not far from the security post of Boh Plantation where you turn left to head here (turn right will head to Boh Plantation). There's a huge signage of a strawberry farm which name escaped me now. Then there's a fork road, turn left. Just be careful as the road is bumpy and narrow, at some point pretty steep.

We saw a lot of cars parked around an empty space and there's a series of stairs and we got curious. We stopped and got down to have a peek. Ahhh it seems this is one of the hiking trail to the Mossy Forest.


There are boardwalk built here to make things easier for visitors. On the day we were there, it was drizzling on and off, the mist is so thick that it blanket the forests so we can't really see much ahead.

We Saw The Communication Towers And That's Where The Lookout Tower Is Located

There is a series of wooden boardwalk and stairs that winds through here. It is slippery and at some point missing a couple of planks, so watch your step. Check out the trees, branches, ferns and plants around, they're very different from the low land kind. We did not continue till the end of the walk. There are a few huts to rest your tired feet, if you wished. Later on I found out that at the end of the walk, you could step out onto the forest floor and this is where the trail starts towards Gunung Irau, the highest peak in Cameron Highlands.


Check Out The Vegetation Here, Very Diiferent... Mossy

We got back down the slippery planks and stairs, hopped into the car to look for the Lookout Tower. It was a mere short drive that many people chose to walk here instead. Since it's our first time, we didn't know that, otherwise could have just walked here.

The Road Heading Towards The Tower


We finally found the Lookout Tower on top of the second highest mountain, Gunung Brinchang. It sits next to a few huge and tall communication towers. It wasn't as tall as I thought it would be. The structure is made out of steel and due to moisture, there are signs of rust here and there. The stairs on the tower is really steep and everyone was careful and take one step at a time. Coming down is very fearful and my advice is to come down with your back facing outwards so that you can hold on to the banister and step down just like how I taught BoiBoi to climb down from bed or chairs when he was a baby, bottom down first to prevent head injuries. On a good day, I was told that one can view up to Ipoh but again it was way too misty to see anything.


On our way down, I caught some pics while we were winding our way down. This couple whom we met up at the station, hiked up all the way there. This is them taking a breathtaking view break going downhill. The vast tea plantation is in view too.



This is the main reason why Capt'n Hook likes to visit Cameron Highlands, the breathtaking green and the other plus factor is the cold weather ;-)

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Gunung Brinchang Lookout Tower
GPS: N4°31.113' E101°22.973'


  1. The path go up hill looks quite scary & slippery O.O

  2. gosh, i get a bit nervous about heights, so all those stairs look too steep & high for me! i'll just admire the great scenery from your pics :D

  3. It's an interesting post! Now there's one more reason to go to Cameron Highlands :)

  4. Choi Yen, it's not as bad as it seems hehe except that it was a wet day when we were there but the tower's stairs are really steep though

    Sean!!! LOL

    Hors, would be a great place to aim your shoots! Am sure your photos would be spectacular


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