Monday, 12 March 2012

Curry Chee Cheung Fun @ Restoran Cheung Yuen


As Anonymous had commented on my previous Curry Chee Cheung Fun (flat rice noodles) post at Ah Yee Curry Mee, there was indeed another stall selling this nearby. It's just located at the corner coffee shop called Restoran Chuen Yuen, diagonally opposite Ah Yee Curry Mee. Just like any other coffee shop, they have a variety of noodles stalls in here. Look for Curry Chee Cheung Fun stall which is slightly towards the back. We have frequented here for the past 20 years. There used to be 2 ladies who manned the stall but now there's one with a young lady helping out. The aunty is super friendly and my mother preferred her Chee Cheung Fun over Ah Yee's.

The curry gravy here is of the thicker type and the ingredients served are one tau foo pok (deep fried tofu puff) sliced into half which soaked up all the curry goodness that I liked; 2 slices of chu phei (deep fried pork skin) and a huge amount of pork slices and mushrooms. To top it all, the all important deep fried shrimp and spring onions. All that for RM4.30 for a small portion! It is still giving us the satisfying breakfast boost after all these years.

Curry CCF (RM4.30)

For those who do not want the curry version, there's the non-spicy pork and mushroom slices version (RM4.30 for small portion) that is equally as good. Topping up, there are a couple slices of deep fried foo chuk (bean curd sheet) which is a nice touch of crunch to go with the chee cheung fun.

Brown Sauce CCF (RM4.30)

Restoran Chuen Yuen is located at the first shop along Jalan Ambong Kiri 1 (Jalan Ambong 4 side), just a few doors away from One Noodle.

Restoran Chuen Yuen

Restoran Chuen Yuen
Jalan Ambong Kiri 1
Kepong Baru
Opens for breakfast & lunch


  1. for only RM4.30 per plate, i'd order BOTH the curry & non-curry versions & satisfy myself with a hearty breakfast! heheh :D

  2. great blog. are you willing to have business in thailand?

  3. Heard that the lui cha also not bad~

  4. Sean, well if you have 4 stomachs, yes!

    LCOM, sorry but indeed it was good :p

    Thanks Khmer News but we are not

    Ya ka Choi Yen? I saw the stall but it was a little too heavy for breakie


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