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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 22 November 2010

Review: A&W's Root Beer Float & Waffles

If not mistaken, A&W Restaurant is the first fast food outlet in Malaysia. The first being at Batu Road (now known as Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman) which is still standing until today. This is the outlet my parents used to bring us for our dose of coney dogs, root beer in frosty glass mug and soft serve ice cream that came in a paper cup. Gosh I still remember the ice cream and the frosty mug! You can read more here.

I guess when you mention A&W, these few items will come to your mind "root beer", "coney dog", "waffle" and "Taman Jaya drive-in"! So much so that the url for Malaysia is!!! LOL

We haven't been to an A&W for a long long while, not sure why but it just doesn't appeal to us anymore when there are so many choices around. We so happen to pass by one outlet at Ikano Power Centre and Capt'n Hook said "Come, let's grab a root beer float". That is too after seeing the root beer served in glass mug :p We were aghast that some outlets uses paper cups for their root beer cos it's just not the same drinking from a frosted glass mug! (Before ordering, we usually check with them if they're serving their root beer in glass mug or paper cups.)

Root Beer Float

On top of the large root beer float with double scoop vanilla ice cream (RM4.90) we have a waffle with double scoop ice cream (RM6.70).

Waffle with double scoop ice cream

While the root beer float still holds but seriously the waffle we ingested gave us wasted bad calories. The waffle texture is totally different. It's no longer crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It's a soggy mess and the inside is not well cooked. This is entirely a bad waffle! I remember having one at Taman Jaya sometime last year and it's quite similar as this :( How sad! I think we will just stick with the root beer.

bad waffle

Prices shown above are before tax.

A&W Restaurants
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Sean said...

Yikes! I haven't had A&W in awhile, but I used to love their waffles. I guess many of us have fond memories of this place ... I used to hang out at the 24-hour A&W at the Penang airport while I was studying there and watch the planes take off from the window :D

J said...

What a terrible waste - I remember the waffles used to be nice... :(

Little Inbox said...

Once, I ordered their waffles, but it turned out quite disappointed. It was kind of "lembek". The whole piece collapse once hold by hand.

ahsiang said...

the only thing that can be drink at A&W is the root beer. others is normal. the food, sorry la .....

J2Kfm said...

Yeah, pity about the waffles. Still rmbr how plain waffles with butter and maple syrup (or was it honey?) were sooooo good.

Babe_KL said...

Sean, yeah it was sweet sweet memories indeed and there is no way we can have the same waffle ever again :(

J, yeah wasted now on my waist!

Little Inbox, yes they don't make the waffle as good as they used to be, how sad

Chui Sui, agreed

J2Kfm, yea sad hor?? I think its just syrup

choi yen said...

& don't forget the curly fries :P

Click Click Culinary said...

they need some real good rebranding, change of staffs, quality, etc etc etc. Once in a while i go in to their outlet at taman jaya and they always disappoint me, the service was so slow even at 4am in the morning! =.= but i got to admit the root beer is still the best :D

Kenny Mah said...

A&W - such nostalgia. A friend of mine who came up from Singapore recently was asking to be taken to A&W for a meal cos apparently they've closed down in SG already. :(

Unknown said...

that root beer looks so good! makes me crave for one now! I'm get one at the store later. hahaha thanks for sharing lah.

Have a fabulous long weekend!
jen @

Babe_KL said...

Choi Yen, curly fries nice ka? ok might try that when we go for root beer again

Click2, you sounds like you can be their restaurant consultant hehehe

Yeah I heard that too Kenny. What a pity but seriously I doubt they can survive with the kinda sluggish products

jen, you have one at your place?

Click Click Culinary said...

i wouldn't mind being hired for free, as long as i get free root beers and some credits? hhehehe xD