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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Review: Low Yau Kee Porridge


Low Yau Kee Porridge (RM8)

I haven't touched Low Yau Kee Porridge for more than 10 years, no thanks to some road work back then along Jalan Silang that made Metro buses halt right in front of Low Yau Kee Porridge stall. It's no fun smelling in the black fumes, hence I abandoned any ideas of consuming one of the best porridge in town. My stomach is weak but thank goodness my nose was stronger, so no go!

I was glad though when I pass by Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodles one day recently and found a stall operating in front. Upon closer look, my tummy was jumping with joy! It was Low Yau Kee Porridge stall! I can now savour the porridge inside Soong Kee with the comfort of air-conditioning minus the bus soots and honks :p

Plain Porridge

I've asked for a bowl of plain porridge. The rice is boiled till "meen" (that's in Cantonese but not sure what's the proper word in English - perhaps disintegrated?) with chicken stock and they serve watery porridge here instead of thick version but of course you could request them for a thicker one. I loved how the chicken stock enhances the porridge flavour, not many stall does this.

Fresh fish slices

I was very "tham jiak" (greedy) that evening, I asked for sliced fish which came in a plate topped with julienne ginger, spring onions and cilantro (yin sai) with a drizzle of sesame oil; and a serving of steamed chicken breast. I swirl the fish slices ala shabu shabu style in my bowl of porridge and slurp them down. Nice especially on a rainy evening.

Steamed Chicken Breast

The steamed chicken is smooth, well good enough. Can't compare with capon chicken though :p

Other than fish and chicken porridge, I also loved mixed pork innards (chu chap jook) especially the crispy deep fried intestine! Oh yum.

I was one very happy and satisfied person that evening indeed!

Low Yau Kee Porridge (Stall in front of Soong Kee)
3 Jalan Tun Siew Sin
Kuala Lumpur


thule a.k.a leo said...

Well, as a matter of fact going all the way to KL city centre for a bowl of good porridge is tiring.. but the famous Honkee (petaling st) has opened its door in Uptown PJ.. thanks to the owner's sons who have expanded their operation. now I can satisfy my craving for porridge without having to drive far far away

J said...

I luv porridge! :) :)
Perfect for the gloomy, rainy weather.....

Ciki said...

capon.. yarmie! but urs looks great too.. when u gonna invite us for dina:P

Jon said...

This brings back memories of when I was working at Dayabumi and used to frequent this stall for dinner. Yes, the exhaust fumes were part of the experience. I wonder if the taste would be any different without the fumes ???

And to have it at the same place as Soong Kee is like having the best of both worlds. I wonder how beef tripe and tendons would taste with porridge ? Can't wait to give it a try.

Kong-Kay said...

looks yummy. will it try next time, next year.

Nancy said...

Love porridge. I've been watching a K-drama series (Boys Over Flowers) and the two main characters work a porridge shop. Makes me hungry... and wonder why we don't have porridge shop here in the USA!? Your post is awesome. Great cookins.

UnkaLeong said...

Wah...the chok looks as smooth as a baby's behind!

Babe_KL said...

leo, this porridge tasted diff from Hon Kee. give it a try!

C&C, anytime you wanna smell the fumes!

Jon, it tasted better w/o the fumes hehe and yes can order a bowl of beef balls to go with it

;-) kong kay

Thanks for dropping by Nancy

wahhh you know eh Unka!