Saturday, 12 December 2009

MAS Blogger Get Together at Restoran Rebung


As you're reading this, we're on our way Down Under on MAS of course (but NOT sponsored *hint hint Jonathan/Wai Fong!!! LOL*) for the entire week. We're there to attend the convocation of Capt'n Hook who recently completed his MBA programme. Since there will be a flurry of activities and uncertainties, I've not contacted anyone there to meet up, sorry ya. There will be scheduled post going up during this period but I won't be able to entertain any comments or emails unless I have access to the internet.

By now, MAS would have, the world’s most comprehensive mobile booking system rolled out. You can book and pay your flight, check your flight status, check-in, yada yada including just show your boarding pass on your phone to board. How canggih eh?! Also check out MAS on Facebook for all the latest happenings, promos and contest! As if this is not enough, you can also check out the employees blog, how's that?

Back to the MAS get together, this event happened sometime back in late October. Just a gathering to catch up with each other. I was ecstatic as I sat next to my yoga idol, Ninie Ahmad! Was so star struck but I kept my composure :p stop short of giggling and biting my nails like high school girls! :p


Since I'm a food blogger, well I guess I'll just zoom down on Restoran Rebung which is of course own by Chef Ismail and Dr Sheikh Muszaphar (our angkasawan, in case you dunno).

This Malay restaurant is famous for it's buffet spread. There are a large varieties of appetisers, gulai, lauk, grilled fish, noodles dishes and of course lipsmacking desserts. The spread is quite large, just nice as I would say. I didn't manage to sample all, virtually just a bit of something that tickled my fancy. Loved all their gulai and curries especially the stuffed sotong.

rebung - buffet

Again, fell in love with serawa durian albeit a bit too sweet for me. They used gula melaka for this version which gave the extra caramel taste.

rebung - desserts

Just like Paya Serai, it's one of the better place to bring foreign guests to sample Malay food as oppose to Seri Melayu which the food is just so so. My only peeve here is parking, so just like most people, park by the roadside which is all right if there's space.

Restaurant Rebung Chef Ismail
No 4-2 Lorong Maarof
Bangsar Park
59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2283 2119


  1. Always a good place for lunch, but yea, parking's a bummer here.

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. alamak.. bad parking..what a turn off.. unless you got loads of time on your hands lor.. :(

  3. Nom, nom!! The food looked damn good! Wish I was a part of it hahaha ...!

    Ever thought of holding a Malaysian food blogger meet-up?


  4. Give a try for this new opening cafe at Kuchai Lama with top selling MILLE CREPE. They sincerly serving delicious food

  5. Have fun down under! I have been told that the Malay fare at the Royale chulan isn't too shabby either! ;)

  6. ooh, did you get to meet the astronaut? he my idol.

  7. Yar, parking's really tough here. The food's nice though. Last time I went, they didn't have an ala carte lunch menu which sucked coz we were not keen on a buffet. Not sure how it's like now.

  8. Been to this place for several times. The Rawa Durian and Asam Pedas fish are my favourite. I normally park my car which is situated about 50 meters away from the location. RM4 per entry will be imposed. Hassle free from the car park problem


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