Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Review: Hidden Porky Goodness at Kamimura Japanese Restaurant


Mix Katsu of Pork Cutlet and Pork Belly Cutlet

Drooling already???

Close up of the cutlets

These porky goodness of Pork Cutlet and Pork Belly Cutlet can be found at Kamimura Japanese Restaurant at The Weld. Well, we have been patronising this place for the longest ever but somehow never got round to blog about it. Perhaps in their earlier days, we thought they were a tad expensive hence the tag Kami"Tak"Murah LOL but of course there was a story behind it :p There are the usual Japanese dishes and prices here are not really that murah (cheap) but bearable once in a while.

Over the years my colleagues and I discovered these breadcrumb bejeweled cutlets that are crispy on the outside but tender and juicy on the inside - are utmost porkelicious! Definitely a must for babitarians!!! Miss Sweet 16, a member of Porketeers, discovered it only recently and she's totally hooked by it.

Mix Katsu Set (RM26)

You can either picked pork or pork belly cutlet but I would advice to pay a few ringgit more and pick the Mix Katsu set lunch at RM26.00 to enjoy both at the same time.

Charge on, Babitarians!!!

Kamimura Japanese Restaurant
Lot 12-14, 2nd Floor
Menara The Weld
76 Jalan Raja Chulan
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 2166 8928

p/s: If you're going for lunch on a weekday, please remember to place a reservation or else you'll be deeply disappointed like we did once! Be warned!!!


  1. Wah. Deep fried pork belly? SINFUL!
    (... but sounds deliciouuussssss.... *DROOL*)

  2. must tell my hubby... he will be thrilled!

  3. got to start lookin at my own belly b4 i contemplate to try d!

  4. Be careful ! many people don't like babitarians ! can report to police 1
    lol !

  5. hmmm... as a hardcore babitarian, how can I ever miss out???
    Haven't been to Tht Weld before but now it's definitely the TIME!!!

  6. KY, enjoy ya

    J, not sound, tasted delish!

    Skinnymum, ask him to bring you along

    Joe, must follow the tham jiak rule - eat first think later :p

    BSG, runnn!!! LOL

    leo, next time you come to Weld, call me along :D

    ;-) Babe

  7. katsu set for RM26?! a real steal!

  8. har..been there couple of times, did not realise that got jap food 1..heee..

  9. c&c, yes but lunch only

    try this place next time taufulou


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