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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Review: Neroteca @ The Somerset



Capt'n Hook and I loved Nerovivo but I've never posted about them here. Next in line, we loved it's sister, Neroteca which is the non-halal version of the restaurant that also have racks of wines, assorted hams and cheeses and ingredients for you to bring home. Across the restaurant, I spotted a deli. As it was quite late, I did not manage to check the place out.

Neroteca - bar

My boiboi picked Spaghetti Carbonara With Bacon, Eggs and Parmesan (RM23), something I knew he will definitely order cos he can't resist the word eggs in the line. He slurped up the spaghetti and declared they were yummy. Then he said "Hmmmm... the bacon is nice, tasted like pork"... LOL errr he never asked before what real bacon is made from but my boy is becoming a porcine lover like his daddy. There was once we were at a hawker centre and he saw chicken rice stall, he told me to order the pork rice for him... pork means char siu for him here but sadly that chicken stall doesn't sell char siu. The next stall sells claypot chicken rice, so I ask if he would like that instead... he asked "got pork one or not??" *roll eyes* Coming back to the carbonara, the sauce was not overly heavy but great to slurp up when hot.

Spaghetti Carbonara  With Bacon, Eggs and Parmesan RM23

I ordered a Tagliatelle Funghi e Prosciutto, Ham and Mushroom (RM22) which came out extremely tasty. The entire plate is filled with loads of prosciutto, ham and mushroom slices! Just like the carbonara, the sauce texture is just nice, not overly creamy and I managed to struggle in almost the entire plate on my own. Capt'n Hook who was also enjoying a carbonara as well as keeping an eye on my order hehehe...

Tagliatelle Funghi e Prosciutto, Ham and Mushroom RM22

We have some juice and cocktails... BoiBoi's orange juice (RM11) was freshly squeezed type, I can't remember what I had but it has some fizzy drink mixed in (RM10) and Capt'n Hook tried a Rubino (RM20), an alcoholic cocktail. He ended the dinner with a grappa of Poli Torcolato (RM25). BoiBoi also had a vanilla gelato (RM6)... quite a large scoop which sees him struggling to finish up. Loved the creamy and light gelato. RM6 for such a large scoop, really value for money!

Vanilla Gelato RM6

I guess Neroteca is one of the best outlet in Kuala Lumpur for some delicious and authentic pasta. A 10% service charge and 5% government tax are imposed here. Our meal came out to a total of RM161, I would say it's really worth spending here.

Ground Floor, The Somerset,
8 Lorong Ceylon,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-20700530
Business hours:
10.00am - midnight (Daily)
6.00pm to midnight (Tuesday)
Last order - 11.45pm

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Simon Seow said...

Haven't try both the halal and non-halal. But I'll sure will try the non-halal one lol.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

dont think theres any cream in their carbonara..its just egg yolks..haha..

minchow said...

Haha, your boy's been taught well!! He will grow up to be discerning foodies just like his folks! :-) I've heard rave reviews about this place, how it's a more laid back and more liberal version compared to Nerovivo - yet to try it though but I love how it looks!

Rebecca Saw said...

Alws packed during lunch I tell u!
All the ang mohs frm the nearby offices!
Their fresh bread that comes out at 12pm is worth checking out!

Babe_KL said...

simon :D

;-) yeah joe, very sinful

@minchow hahaha sigh not a good thing to raise a kid like that, they can become demanding during mealtimes!

TNG, hvnt gone there during lunch :p

rokh said...

whoa your boiboi also learn to be pork lover...i like! someday can be my date out for makan ;)

Food For Tots said...

The pasta dish looks so yummy. Surely worth to give it a try when I'm back to KL.

Kiran @ said...

I love the photos. Delicious pasta's :D I am hungry!!!

Babe_KL said...

rachel, beware ok, that fler has good taste, will reject the pork if not nice then you'll ended be the alam flora :p

keep this in yr list, Food For Tots

thanks kiran

Unknown said...

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